Best LED Light Colors For Different Situations

You might not realize it yet, but colors have a wide impact on your own mood.

You can use LED lights with different colors for different situations and purposes. This can range from sleeping, mood-boosting, working & home decoration.


We tried to explore 7 popular LED light colors and analyze how they can impact your mood and when to use them. If you want to harness the power of colors in your life, keep reading.

1. White – Task light, Purity & Cleanliness

White is basically not a color itself. It’s the combination of all color spectrums that your brain perceives as white.

In general, white is associated with purity, cleanliness & innocence. White color LED lights are extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of settings.

However, the best situation to use it is when you are working on something, especially in an office setting where the factor of cleanliness matters.

You can use white color LED lights to make your home look spacious, clean, and organized. But do mix it up with other lights to avoid the impression of mourning and blandness.

White lights with a tint of blue in them are perfect for reading when you are indoors during the day! You will feel less fatigue.

2. Blue – High-intensity task light, Focus, Calmness

While blue and green both help to focus, they have subtle differences. Based on a number of studies, it is known that Blue suppresses melatonin and makes you more attentive.

At the same time, this color can create a sense of calmness and peace. So, if you need to work on something with high intense focus and attention then a Blue color LED light is your best option.

But surround yourself with blue lights for too long as it can make you feel depressive. 

You can use it in your hallways or entrance to create a sense of trustworthiness and stability. Guests coming through these lights will instantly feel at home.

Other uses of blue light: Home gym workout, cleaning

3. Green— Long term focus, Healing, and Soothing

Like Blue, Green is also a short wavelength color which means it’s more natural to the eyes. This LED light color will release the Hormone Cortisol and increase your alertness.

For this reason, you can use this light to work as well. But here’s the catch! With Green, your focus time will increase as you will encounter fewer mood disturbances.

Moreover, Green light is also known to help cope with environmental changes. So, whenever you travel or change places, you can use Green light to soothe yourself and adapt with the new environment better.

Other uses of green light: Green light can ease headaches, boost the immune system, skin therapy

4. Yellow – Creative Activities, Happiness, optimism

The ideal color light for waking up in the morning is yellow, largely because this color represents sunshine. It can instantly fill your mind with feelings of happiness, positivity, and optimism.

If you have a smart LED light at home, simply program it before sleeping to turn yellow during your waking hours. The boost you will get in the early morning will sure get you up and running.

One of the reasons why note pads are made yellow is because it uplifts your mood and enhances your intellect. You can use this color light for reading and during creative activities, but not for long hours as it can lead to anxiety.

Other uses of yellow light: Makeup routines, visibility on streets & backyard

5. Orange – Increase food appetite, Enthusiasm, encouragement

Orange color is linked to eating as it can create a sense of hunger and arousal. In your dining area, you can use orange color lighting and in that way, your eating experience will enhance.

That’s the reason why fast-food chains often use this color along with red and yellow!

Despite being a highly stimulating color, Orange is friendly. You can put some orange lighting around areas of your home that you want to draw attention to. Guests will instantly notice the area and you’ll get compliments.

But try avoiding it completely when you are reading or studying. It increases your energy levels and makes it more difficult to complete tasks that require brain power and calmness.

Other uses of orange light: Breastfeeding, studio decor

6. Red – Enjoy Intimate Moments, Stimulating, passion

Red light has been found to be associated with better sleep and improved circadian rhythm. The underlying reason is Red light enhances the release of melatonin that makes us fall asleep.

You can use this in combination with white ambient light as a night light. But don’t make it a habit as you will develop a dependence on it and not be able to sleep without it.

However, Red light can be perfect for situations where you are having an intimate moment with your partner and need to evoke passion and stimulation. Use it for short periods of time as this is quite an intense color.

Other uses of red light: stargazing, wildlife viewing at night, avoiding bugs at night

7. Purple – Luxury Home Design, Power, Spirituality

People often get confused between purple and violet. Purple has more red in it and violet is bluish and less saturated.

Because purple is not a spectral color, it looks unique and bold. Like Orange, you can use this light in specific corners of your home sparingly to add a sense of luxury and spirituality.

The moment someone enters your home, they will get the feeling of power and wisdom. Overusing the purple color light might create a sense of arrogance which you don’t want.

Other uses of purple light: Decreases sexual desire, interior decoration

Final Words

Remember each color light has multiple uses and other than white, no other color lights should be used extensively. Just having a good quality smart LED light at home can enable you to get any color lighting as normal LEDs tend to have single colors with just a few color temperature differences.

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