About Us

Annabelle B. Malcolm

Howdy, readers. This is Annabelle B. Malcolm and I’m a content curator. Don’t tell anyone but I low-key take pride in having a treasure of random knowledge.

I co-manage this website with my husband Jamie who is a lighting technician by profession.

The idea for this website stemmed out of boredom. Out of nowhere really, Jamie came up with the idea of having a website and since he is an authority on lighting fixtures, we decided to play to our strengths.

The aim of LightingMistakes is to address and solve the most common mistakes people make while choosing lights for their home.

The combined effort of my research skills and Jamie’s expertise in the art of good lighting helps us to come up with unique ideas, helpful tips, product suggestions, and in-depth reviews. We hope to make LightingMistakes your go-to reference for anything and everything related to lighting.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.