How Bright Is 700 Lumens? Unveiling the Power Of 700 Lumens

700 lumens is not considered very bright. It is suitable for lighting up a small room or space, including a dining or reading table. Additionally, when used in flashlights, 700 lumens can reach a distance of 100 meters. However, the actual brightness and reach of a 700 lumens light will depend on various factors, such as the surroundings, the color temperature of the light, and the individual’s visual sensitivity.


Henceforth, with such adequate brightness and reaching facility, you can use 700 lumens in interior and exterior spaces.

In this article, we will explore various convenient ways to use these lights and also show you how to convert lumens into watts to better understand their practical capacity. Keep reading to brighten up your day (and night)!

What Do 700 Lumens Mean

Curious about what 700 lumens really mean? Think of it this way: it’s like having the brightness of 700 small birthday candles all in one place! In more technical terms, 700 lumens is equivalent to the light emitted by a 49W to 53W incandescent bulb, which is just enough to light up a small room.

For proper visibility and brightness, an average of 10 to 20 lumens is needed for every square foot of space. With 700 lumens of light, you can easily illuminate a room that’s 30 to 45 square feet in size. So go ahead and use it in your bathroom, kitchen, or balcony for regular use.

However, keep in mind that it might not be the best option for outdoor use. For brighter outdoor areas such as patios or lawns, multiple lights with 700 lumens capacity may be required.

Converting 700 Lumens To Watts

In our daily lives, we often use watts to measure the brightness of our lighting sources, but lumens are actually a more accurate way to measure brightness. That’s why it’s important to know how many watts are needed for a lighting source that produces 700 lumens.

In the following table, we suggest how many watts are 700 lumens in different bulb materials. So, you will also know their application possibility in different places with actual wattage capacity.

Lighting type
700 lumens to wattage

As you can see, the wattage output levels of bulbs vary when producing 700 lumens, depending on the bulb’s technology, lens, or reflector material. The higher the quality of the lens or reflector, the more efficiently it can reflect light, resulting in a brighter output.

This difference in wattage for the same number of lumens is particularly evident in flashlights and spotlights. Spotlights are capable of delivering more brightness because they use a powerful lens, which focuses the light more precisely.

Why Does This Difference Matter?

As we previously mentioned, the material and technology used in the reflector or lens of a lighting source are critical for determining its lumens. However, the energy efficiency of the source is also a crucial factor in determining the brightness you will get.

A higher-efficiency bulb will produce more brightness at 700 lumens. This is why an LED bulb and an incandescent bulb can produce similar levels of brightness despite having different wattage requirements. The reason is that LED bulbs are significantly more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs.

How Far (Distance) Can 700 Lumens Reach?

On average, 700 lumens on a flashlight can reach 100 to 150 meters. The actual reaching capacity varies on the type and power of its lens or reflector.

A regular flashlight with 700-lumen output can be incredibly useful for everyday purposes. You’ll be able to easily illuminate roads, lawns, and other outdoor spaces, making it perfect for camping, hiking, or even just walking your dog at night.

What Can You Do With 700 Lumens Light?

Are you wondering what you can do with a lighting source that produces 700 lumens? While it may not be the brightest option out there, it’s still incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of places.

For smaller spaces, 700 lumens is perfect. You can use it to create a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom, light up your bathroom, or even create a reading nook. And if you’re heading out on a camping trip, a 700-lumen light can come in handy for illuminating your tent or campsite.

But how do you know where to use 700 lumens lights? That’s where the concept of the foot-candle method comes in. A foot-candle refers to the brightness of light at a 1-foot distance from its source.

By determining how much foot-candle a particular space needs and how much the 700-lumen source can deliver, you’ll be able to make the most of your lighting and create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Use in the Bedroom

A bedroom requires 10 to 20 foot-candle. So, for a 100 square feet room, you will need 1000 to 2000 lumens. As this calculation suggests, you will need at least two lights, each with 700 lumens, for a standard bedroom.

If you use a single 700-lumen light, it will not be bright enough. Also, it will put pressure on your eyes.

Use in the Living Room

The foot-candle requirement for a living room is similar to a bedroom. So, even for a bedroom, 700 lumen isn’t adequate. You will need to use at least two lights with 700-lumen capacity or lights with higher lumens output.

Use in the Kitchen

700 lumens light is inadequate for a kitchen and its sinks. Typically, kitchens require 30 to 40 lumen-feet, much higher than 700 lumens. You will need at least 1500 lumens for a kitchen setup. However, you may use a LED light above the kitchen sink for better visibility.

In Hallways

Hallways require 5 to 10 foot-candle. Therefore, 700 lumens can be used with ease in hallways. A LED light with 700 lumens output will be sufficient for walking in hallways.

Use in the Bathroom

Likewise, bedroom and living room, 700 lumens output from light isn’t enough for the bathroom. Bathrooms require 70 to 80 foot-candle. It is 2X more than the living or bedroom. So, you will need at least three bulbs, each with 700 lumens capacity for the bathroom.

Reading Table and Camping

You can use 700 lumens on reading lamps. It will illuminate the reading table perfectly. Also, you may even use it for small tents in your campsites. Usually, camps don’t need high brightness. So, you may use the light for cooking, reading or casual walks in the campsite.


As you see, how bright 700 lumens is depended on the energy efficiency and material used on the lens or reflector? The more energy-efficient the source is, the brighter 700 lumens will look. However, it’s not sufficient for large spaces.

We suggest using multiple bulbs with a 700 lumens rating for the bedroom, living space, and bathroom. You can use a single 700 lumens bulb in camping and reading lamps.

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