Best Brightest Floor Lamps to Brighten Up Room -(2023 Guide)

A bright floor lamp will illuminate the dark spaces in your room and make it more lively.

Gone are the days of ugly looking and purposefully dimmed floor lights. Modern floor lights with LEDs can offer 3-4 times more light output compared to incandescent floor lamps without hurting your bills.


Think of the times when you were reading, sewing, or just going over your laptop screen, but you find that your current lights are not helping. Going through 30+ light models and hours of research, we finally compiled a shortlist of the best bright floor lamps in the market. Choose one of them and your little tasks at home will become a lot easier to accomplish.

Whether you want to bounce light off of your ceiling or direct the light to a particular spot, there’s one for everyone!

Here’s what we got for you!

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Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp
NXONE Led Floor Lamp
Brightech Sky Dome Double Torchiere Floor Lamp
Hueliv Floor Lamp
Brightech Maxwell LED Shelf Floor Lamp
Brightech Halo Split Modern LED Floor Lamp
Kira Home Akira Light Modern Arc Floor Lamp
Govee Smart LED Floor Lamp
Brightech Eclipse Modern LED Torchiere Floor Lamp
AVV LED Floor Lamp

10 Best Bright Floor Lamps to Brighten Up Dark Spaces in Your Room

1. Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp

Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp

The Brightech SKY LED could be the only floor lamp you need. It has a minimalist, simple, yet modern look and feels to it. It’s one of the best torchiere floor lamps you can find.

The lamp has a heavy base that ensures it stays stable even if your children or pets clash against it. Its base is thin enough to slide under sofas, so you can keep this in tight corners. You can move the light head to point it in any direction across your walls or ceiling.

The LED light used is 3000k which is like warm white. The amount of light this lamp emits can be comparable to a 150-watt incandescent bulb. So, for a dark room, this is the best floor lamp you can buy. It can easily light up a 12×14 ft space and the light is easy on the eyes as well.

What’s more? You can use the touch sensor to increase or decrease the brightness in 3 levels- 100%, 60%, and 30%. You can also connect the lamp to a wall switch. However, in that case, you won’t be able to control the brightness level and the lamp will start at its brightest setting.

The quality of the light seems good enough. The problem is you can’t change the LED. However, the company vouches for durability and a 20-year usage without any issues.

The lamp stands 63-in tall which is good enough to keep the light out of your eyesight. However, it could have been a tad longer for our liking.

  • Pivoting head allows you to direct the at different angles.
  • 3 levels of brightness adjustment using a touch sensor.
  • Remembers the last bright setting after you turn on.
  • Heavy base keeps the lamp stable and it’s also thin enough to go under sofas.
  • You can’t replace the LED if it breaks or stops working.
  • The brightness adjustability doesn’t work when you connect the lamp to a wall switch.


2. NXONE Led Floor Lamp

 NXONE Led Floor Lamp

You would expect a torchiere lamp to go up as high as possible. The Nxone is a tall bright floor lamp reaching a 74-in height which gives you the freedom to illuminate a large part of your room.

It has a few features that make it stand out among other bright floor lamps. Its pole is retractable which means you can adjust the height. The 13-in head of the lamp is flexible and you can adjust it to any direction and angle. Perfect for offices or living rooms!

At 1200 lumens, you can compare this LED to a 100-watt incandescent bulb. It’s not the brightest on the list, but it certainly is bright enough to light a corner perfectly. We were impressed by the fact that you can adjust brightness from 5%-100%. At 50-60%, the light will be good enough for nighttime reading!

The ability to change the color temperature is a game-changer. You can control all of these using the touch control or the remote control.

If you don’t want to change the brightness every time, you can use the available pre-sets to achieve the right kind of brightness for the right settings. There are settings like reading, drinking, or sleeping.

All things good, but there are a few issues you need to deal with. The light on the control panel is turned on always. This can be distracting when you are sleeping and need complete darkness. In some cases, the lamp doesn’t pair with the remote and you should return the unit if this happens.

  • The flexible light head is adjustable 360-degrees.
  • Put the lamp at your desired height as the pole is retractable.
  • Adjust the brightness from 5%-100% and change color temperatures.
  • You can control the lamp with the remote or the touch panel.

  • The control panel’s light remains on always and you can’t switch it off.
  • Some users found it hard to pair the remote with the lamp.


3. Brightech Sky Dome Double Floor Lamp

 Brightech Sky Dome Double – High Brightness Torchiere Floor Lamp

The Brightech SkyDome is by far the brightest floor lamp to light a room. The three LED bulbs together are comparable to over 200 watts of tungsten light. This could be the best floor lamp you can buy for a dark room.

The top light is the brightest among all three. For the other two lights, you can adjust their position and angle and use them as reading lights. When two people are reading at the same time, this light can illuminate both of them without causing strain on the eyes.

Even the design is perfect for mid-century modern decor and contemporary decor. The dome diffusers on the lights look amazing. Although they are made from plastic, they do a great job. If you want, you can also replace the plastic domes with better ones!

The height of the pole from the base to the top is 72-in. For average-sized people, this shouldn’t be an issue. However, taller people will find the light falling on their eyes. Then again, the light isn’t harsh and you can dim the light to make it much softer.

The LEDs are of high quality and with low to medium usage, you can expect them to last 20 years. We were also impressed by the base of the lamp as it’s quite stable and not prone to tipping over. Overall, Skydome is the best bright floor lamp in terms of light output, and that you can illuminate two sections of your room individually. 

  • Super bright lights that can illuminate your whole living room.
  • Control each of the three lights individually and save bills when you don’t need them all.
  • With the dimmer, you can also control the brightness of the lamp.
  • Adjustable arms on both sides let you set up lighting as you desire.
  • The plastic dome diffusers look flimsy. However, you can replace them easily if you don’t like them.


4.HueLiv Smart WiFi LED Floor Lamp

HueLiv Super Bright RGBW Smart WiFi LED Floor Lamp

The Hueliv is one of the best smart floor lamps we have on this list. The ability to control the colors and brightness from the app makes it super smart and perfect for modern homes. It’s bright enough to light up a 120 sq ft room completely. That’s the power of 2000 LED lumens!

You can control the lamp by touch. However, when you shift to the app, you have more options. In the app, you can choose among 16 million colors and set different scenes for different occasions. It’s also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Echo, and Google Home. So, voice control is another option.

The light from this lamp is equivalent to a 130-watt incandescent bulb without the extra heat. Being a torchiere, this light will face upwards and will cast soft light on your interior. You can change the position of the light head up and down by 30-degrees. Whether it’s your bedroom or your studio, this lamp will blend in quite well.

Seeing the pole of the lamp, you might wonder if it will tip over. The good thing is the base weighs 2.2 kgs and it’s highly unlikely the lamp will ever fall. So, super safe with kids and pets around! The base despite being heavy is thin enough to go under the sofa or recliner. So, you can keep it in tight corners as well.

Keep in mind, this smart LED floor lamp supports only 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. So, if you are using a 5.0 GHz network, the lamp won’t pair.

  • Control the lamp wirelessly with an app and choose from virtually unlimited colors.
  • Connect with popular voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home for voice control.
  • Super heavy base offers the stability and safety you need.
  • You can change the position of the light head up and down.
  • It uses 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. So, if you have any other Wi-Fi network, this lamp won’t connect.


5. Brightech Maxwell – LED Shelf Floor Lamp

 Brightech Maxwell - LED Shelf Floor Lamp

If you want that wonderful soft light in your bedroom that will be bright enough for reading but not too bright to disturb your sleep, The Brightech Maxwell should be your top choice. It’s a tower lamp with bookshelves combo! Really looks like a bedroom or a living room material.

You can use this as a bedside table. You can keep your books, devices, and essential stuff on the shelves and the light will help you to read before you sleep. At 3000k, the color is warm, but not too warm to make it all orange and yellows. The diffuser does a great job in making the light soft and easy on the eyes.

The color of the wooden shelves is in between a dark oak and red cherry. So, it will complement most of the furniture at home. Because of the overall design, this could blend into a rustic and country-type decor.

You can also turn this into a smart lamp if you use a smart outlet and a smart bulb. In that way, you can control the lamp using Alexa or other voice assistants. As of now, there is a dimmer installed in the lamp. So, you can’t turn down the brightness. However, considering the 800 lumens and the ability of the diffuser to dim the light, you won’t need to adjust brightness.

The instructions to assemble the lamp are not clear. No problem for an experienced assembler, otherwise you need to take help from someone who has experience with DIY kinds of stuff.

  • Light and shelf combo can be used as a bedside table.
  • The diffuser does a great job making the light soft and easy on the eyes.
  • Can be converted into a smart voice-controlled lamp with an extra smart outlet and smart bulb.
  • You need to put some weight on the bottom shelf in order to make it more stable on carpets.


6. Brightech Halo Split – Modern LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

 Brightech Halo Split - Modern LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

The Brightech Halo Split is one of the most aesthetically pleasing bright floor lamps that you can buy for your living or bedroom. The light is bright enough to replace a 100-watt incandescent bulb, so it will lighten up your space quite well.

The most unique thing about this lamp is its split head. There are basically two lights on each of the split hands and you can turn both of the hands in different directions. This gives you more control over how you want the light to illuminate. You can direct one hand to the ceiling for diffused lighting and another downwards as a task light.

The Halo Split emits warm white light at 3000K. You can’t change the color temperature. However, you can change the brightness level. It even has a memory setting that remembers your last setting. This memory functionality won’t work when you use the wall switch instead of the switch that comes with the lamp.

If you want this lamp to be a part of your smart home, you can install a smart plug and use Alexa or other smart home devices to control it. Because of the dual voltage 110v/220v, you can even use the Halo Split outside the U.S with just a plug adapter.

The only thing that could have been improved was the thickness of the pole. Currently, it looks too thin and a little bit of thickness could have made it more sturdy and durable.

  • Multidirectional split head to customize the way you want the light to fall.
  • You can dim the light to achieve the desired brightness.
  • Memory function remembers the last brightness setting.
  • The base goes into tight corners and under sofas.
  • Dual voltage makes it usable outside the U.S as well.
  • When installed with a wall switch, the memory function won’t work.
  • The pole could have been much thicker to make the lamp more stable and durable. However, the base is heavy enough and so no stability issues.


7. Kira Home Akira -Light Modern Arc Floor Lamp

Kira Home Akira Light Modern Arc Floor Lamp

The Akira is a simple and classic-looking bright floor lamp for the bedroom. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, yet does a great job in providing ambiance lighting.

The lamp doesn’t come with the bulbs. So, you have a blank canvas here. You can use either LED, CFL, or incandescent bulbs. LED should be the way to go as it will help you save bills and reduce heat.

We loved the design of the lamp. It has three moveable arms with fabric drum shades. The drum shades are not complete diffusers. But it still does a great job making the light softer. This could be perfect for reading at night in your bedroom, especially when you have two people reading on opposite sides. All the arms are placed at different heights. The highest is at 63” and the lowest is at 60” from the floor. 

Although there is no dimmer installed in the lamp, you can individually turn on each light using the mechanical rotary knob. So, if you need less light, just turn on one or two lights. The good thing is this lamp is compatible with a dimmer, wall switch, timer, and smart devices. So, if you want you can upgrade it later.

The installation part could be a bit tricky. There are 3 small screws to lock the poles in place. The issue is these screws are extremely tiny and you need to be extra careful so you don’t drop and lose them.

  • Use your own kind of bulbs and desired wattage to light up the lamp.
  • The arms of the lamp are moveable so you can direct the light the way you want.
  • Capable of turning on each of the lights individually.
  • You can turn this into a smart lamp as it is compatible with smart devices and a dimmer.
  • It doesn’t have a dimmer of its own.
  • The screws to install the poles are tiny. So, you need to be complete the installation process carefully.


8. Govee Bright LED Floor Lamp

Govee LED Floor Lamp

To make your dark office enlighten, the best bright led floor lamp to get is the Govee LED. It’s a fully smart LED lamp that can blend into any modern office decor and if you have existent smart devices, it can connect with them too.

This lamp has an adjustable gooseneck which is flexible and you can turn it in any direction you like. The 700 lumens will not be enough to light up your whole office. However, you can connect two of these lamps together and light up the dark spaces. Because of its slim profile,  it can easily stay in the corners without eating up your space.

One of the reasons why Groove could be the best bright floor lamp is the ability to customize the lighting. When you connect it to the app, you can change color temperatures (2200k-6500k), adjust brightness (1%-100%), and access other vibrant effects.

The quality of the LED provided is quite good and you won’t need to replace it for years probably the whole lifetime of the lamp. The Govee will connect to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. So, you will have a hard time pairing it with upgraded routers.

  • Control color temperature and brightness wirelessly from the app and other smart devices.
  • You can connect two Govee lamps together to operate using the same app.
  • The adjustable 360-degree light head makes it perfect to illuminate any corner of the room.
  • High quality 25000 hours lifetime LED bulb.
  • onnects only with a 2.4 GHz network which can be a hassle during installation if you don’t have a 2.4 GHz router.
  • The height of the pole which is 66.9” could have been longer and it would have helped to spread the light further.


9. Brightech Eclipse Modern LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Brightech Eclipse Modern LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Need a decorative floor lamp for your living room? Try the Brightech Eclipse. The ring-styled LEDs will not only add visual elements but also brighten your living room. It will emit light equivalent to a 130-watt incandescent bulb. That’s quite a lot of light for a torchiere lamp!

The LEDs are set up on two rings that attach to the pole. The larger ring has an 18-in diameter and the other one has a 14-in diameter. The best part is you can adjust the angle of both of these rings to achieve different kinds of ambiance. It’s a super versatile floor lamp that can be used in the bedroom, living room, and even office. The design is stunning and would make a great conversation starter.

The lamp has a 3000k color temperature and you can’t change it. However, you can adjust the brightness. It will work with a smart plug and you can turn it into a smart floor lamp in no time. If you want you can connect the outlet to a wall switch. In that case, you will have to manually change the brightness.

  • Unique design that could enhance the aesthetic appeal of your decor.
  • Adjustable ring LEDs that cast out soft and pleasing light.
  • The brightness level can be adjusted.
  • Compatible with smart plug and wall switch.
  • While connected with a wall switch, you will need to adjust the brightness manually


10.AVV LED Floor Lamp

AVV LED Floor Lamp

The last on our list is the AVV LED. It’s a traditional-looking floor lamp that could be placed beside your bed, sofa, or side table for extra lighting. It doesn’t have tons of features like the others in this list. However, it still is bright enough to lighten up your space and provide that retro look you might need.

The base is made of metal is a heavy-duty one. Even the pole is thick and sturdy. So, you can expect it to hold its ground. To turn the light on/off, you will need to pull the chain switch. 

The lamp uses two E26 bulbs of 6 watts each. These lights are bright but they can cast an odd shadow on the lampshade. So, you can replace them if you want.

  • Designed to fit in almost any bedroom and living room with a retro look.
  • Easy on and off function with the pull chain switch.
  • The LED lights can be replaced.
  • Heavy-duty metal base and the thick pole is great for stability.
  • The lights provided cast shadows on the shade which you may or may not like.
  • The cord of the lamp comes from above the base instead of coming out of the side.


Why Do You Need an Extra Bright Floor Lamp?

To illuminate a specific area of a room

Usually, when you have high ceilings or a large room, not all of the spaces are perfectly illuminated. In that case, an extra bright floor lamp can help to illuminate a specific area of your room for reading, working, or other purposes.

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The ability to move the light anywhere

Floor lamps stand on a pole that can be moved anywhere across your home. So, if you want to read a book or do something in a particular space in your home and don’t have enough light from ceiling fixtures, you can move your floor lamp. So, in that way, you won’t need tons of light fixtures in every room.

For decorative purpose

Floor lamps have a decorative style to them. Wherever you keep it, it will attract people’s attention. So, if you think your current space is bland and lacks a bit of appeal, you can get a floor lamp. Also, the ability to put floor lamps in tight corners and the that a lot of these lamps come with moving heads gives you more control over the look and feel of your lighting.

What Type of Floor Lamp Gives the Most Light?

There are 4 kinds of floor lights commonly available:

1. Classic-styled floor lamps

Classic floor lamps have a pole and a lampshade on top of it. These lamps usually don’t have a moving head and provide lighting in all directions. In most cases, these floor lamps come at a cheaper price compared to others.

2. Torchiere

The torchiere floor lamps are probably the most popular floor lamps in recent times. These super bright floor lamps have their head upwards towards the ceiling and you change the direction of their head by a few degrees. It helps you to direct the light towards the ceiling or a particular corner of the wall for super-soft light.

3. Tree lamps

Tree lamps have one or two-branched arms which have light fixtures. You can adjust each of the arms in various directions to achieve your desired lighting.

4. Arc and flexible heads

Some floor lamps have an arced head or flexible head. These lamps are super versatile as you can adjust the direction of the light in any way you want. You can find a few good-quality arc floor lamps on our list as well.


How to Choose Best Floor Lamps for Bright Light?

1. The Amount of Light Emission + the Kind of Bulb to Use

The amount of light emitted by a bulb can be determined by ‘Lumens’. So, the higher the lumens, the more area the light fills in. If you have a large space to illuminate, you can choose floor lamps that offer over 2000 lumens. For example, the Brightech SkyDome offers 3200 lumens of light which can easily illuminate an entire room. If you want to illuminate only a corner or small space, anything over 700 lumens should do the job.

Moreover, the kind of bulb you choose also matters. LEDs are the way to go and you will end up saving bills.

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2. Quality of the Base

Most of the floor lamps in our list have a metal base and won’t tip over easily. When buying floor lamps, check out the kind of material the base is made of, is it heavy enough to take the weight of the pole and is it wide enough to remain stable? 

3. Design and Style of the Lamp

Floor lamps come in various styles and designs like torchiere, classic, arc, and tree. If you want soft lighting in a particular area goes for a torchiere floor lamp like Brightech Sky LED. Or, if you need flexibility go for an arc floor lamp like Nxone LED

4. Height of the Pole

A floor lamp should at least reach a height of over 60-in. Anything lower than that could interrupt your eyes and you won’t be able to look around for too long. The Nxone lamp has a 74-in height and you should look for something like that. 

5. Adjustable Features— Brightness, Color Temperature, Height & Angle

Modern floor lamps come in a variety of adjustable features. The most important of them all is the ability to change the brightness of the light. In this way, you have more control over the lighting. The color temperature change can also be helpful to create a different kind of atmosphere at home. In most floor lamps, you will be able to change the angle and direction of the light head as well.

6. Smart Features

If you have a smart home and want to control your floor lamp from an app or voice assistants, there are a lot of floor lamps that can do these. The Hueliv lamp could be your top choice for smart LED floor lamps. 

What Height Should Floor Lamp Be to Shine the Bright Light?

A floor lamp should have a minimum height of 60-in from the floor to the top of the light head. The longer the better because it will be able to illuminate light further away. However, floor lamps with over 70-in height are the best as the light remains away from your eye line.

Where is the Best Place to use Floor Lamps?

The best place to use a floor lamp is your bedroom and living room. You can even put up a floor lamp in your office in spaces where it’s too dark. The perfect spot for floor lamps are usually around the corners, so you can direct the light to bounce off of the ceiling or wall towards you.

Final Words

So, what do you think is the best bright floor lamp on this list? We recommend choosing between the Brightech Sky LED and Brightech SkyDome.

Both of these lamps have 2000+ lumens and can light up a considerable portion of your room. Brightech has one of the best quality LEDs in the market and comes with a warranty. You can also check out other lamps in this list if you want to lighten up a specific region of your space.

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