5 Best Floor Lamps for Nursery 2023 – (Are They Safe to Use?)

A floor lamp might not sound like a nursery essential but eventually, you’ll realize that you need one. At first, I wasn’t really sure whether having a floor lamp around a baby would be safe. 

We have enough ceiling light but we needed another light source beside the glider that doubles up as my reading chair. My neighbor happens to have a beautiful little floor lamp in their nursery and they assured me it’s completely safe as long as it’s not flimsy. 


It took me days of relentless research to find a baby-safe nursery floor lamp, something that’s durable, can’t be easily toppled, and also fits the decor of the nursery. 

I believe floor lamps are a topic I can speak about with great authority, thanks to all the research I had to do to find the perfect one. Here are my top 5 picks for the best floor lamps for nursery with detailed reviews to help you weigh up your options – 

Product Name
Brightech Montage Modern Floor Lamp
LEPOWER Wood Tripod Floor Lamp
ZSCOO Modern LED Floor Lamps
HROOME Cool Tall Decorative Floor Lamp
Catalina Lighting Modern Floor Lamp

5 Best Floor Lamps for Nursery- 2023 Guide

1.Brightech Montage Modern Floor Lamp 

 Brightech Montage Modern Floor Lamp

Elegant was the first word that came to my mind when I looked at this lamp. It’s sleek, chic, and doesn’t take up a ton of space – exactly what I was looking for. But choosing a floor lamp for children involves obvious safety considerations as well. 

If the base of the lamp isn’t heavy enough, it doesn’t belong anywhere near a baby. Thankfully, the Brightech Montage doesn’t disappoint here. The weighted base of this lamp cannot be easily knocked over by a toddler. It’s pretty stable on both plain and carpeted floor. 

Some users have complained about struggling with aligning the shade and the base. It does come with clear instructions on how to line up the base with the shade. Granted, it’s a bit more difficult than I would have liked but not impossible. 

Apart from this one minor part, the rest of the assembly work is simple and straightforward. When fully assembled, the lamp is a little over 5 feet tall and looks pleasant beside a rocker chair or sofa. It doesn’t lean at all, at least not the one I have. 

Despite the height and heavy base, I could effortlessly move the lamp around. It even came with an LED bulb and the shade is just perfect for my use – neither obnoxiously bright nor depressingly dull. Coming to the downsides, I am not a big fan of the footswitch. 

I have to do a little yoga thing to reach the switch while sitting on my glider, which is kind of annoying. Although not a problem for me, some might prefer a dimmer switch which this lamp, unfortunately, doesn’t have. 

  • Sturdy, weighted base for tip-over protection.
  • Stable on both carpeted and non-carpeted floors.
  • Easy assembly, comes with an LED bulb.
  • Over 5 feet tall and looks elegant.
  • Not too bulky, can be moved around effortlessly.
  • The shade provides the right amount of light – not too bright, not too dull.
  • Aligning the shade with a base is a bit challenging. Read the instructions carefully before proceeding with the assembly.
  • Comes with a footswitch which is not as convenient as a standard hand switch.
  • No dimmer switch.


2. LEPOWER Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

 LEPOWER Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

The sheer novelty of the wooden tripod legs of this lamp sealed the deal for me. It’s a little over 5 feet which is a good enough height for a modern nursery floor lamp. Each leg of the tripod base is about 18” apart and it’s not adjustable. 

The legs are joined with large screws and they are quite stable. However, the whole fixture is pretty lightweight, hence easy to move around but at the same, easy to topple as well. So, I would suggest keeping it behind the furniture or in a corner where it’s not easily accessible. 

Putting together the pieces is a cakewalk, thanks to the lucidly illustrated instructions. The only difficult part is to tighten the screws firmly and there are 15 of them, so expect it to be a time-consuming process. 

About the shade, it’s larger than usual and looks pretty amazing but the build quality is not up to the mark. You might eventually have to replace it. The shade is removable, so as long as you ensure the replacement shade has the same 2” ring attachment, you can use any lampshade of your choice. 

I would personally swap the lampshade for a better one since the stock shade doesn’t illuminate as much as I’d hoped for. It will do just fine if you’re not planning to read in the nursery, though. 

The max wattage supported by the fixture is 60 watts and make sure you have an LED bulb on hand because it doesn’t come with any. The foot pedal switch looks amazing but I’d have preferred the switch near the bulb. Not a deal-breaker, just a minor inconvenience. 

  • Classy wooden tripod design that’ll glam up your baby nursery.
  • Great height with a wide, sturdy base.
  • Assembly instructions are very detailed and easy to follow.
  • The stock shade is removable, allowing you to use different shades w with standard 2” ring attachment.
  • Ideal for lighting up small nurseries with a soft, warm glow.
  • The stock shade dims the light quite a bit. If you’re going to use the lamp for reading or knitting, I’d suggest replacing the shade.
  • Tightening the screws is a bit tricky. You have to make sure to line up everything correctly or you will have a hard time fitting the screws into the pre-drilled holes.


3.ZSCOO Modern LED Floor Lamps

ZSCOO Modern LED Floor Lamps

ZSCOO is by far the most technically advanced, multipurpose floor lamp on this comprehensive list of the best nursery floor lamps. It features two lamp heads – the top lamp is for ambient light and the small one is for reading. 

It’s sleek and the main lamp head is highly adjustable, both horizontally and vertically. The main lamp is upward-facing and can be tilted up and down, which makes it easy to illuminate any specific part of the room. 

The small reading lamp pole is even more adjustable. You can bend and adjust the angle of the pole in any angle you want for comfortable reading. 

It’s a very thoughtfully designed space-saving fixture that can fit in any spare corner of your nursery, living room, or office. It comes with a bunch of useful features like brightness and temperature adjustments, allowing you to create the perfect ambience for every mood. You can control both lights separately and use them instead of overhead lights whenever desired.

On top of that, the lamp remembers your last chosen brightness and temperature levels and auto-adjusts accordingly when you switch it on. All the settings are accessible through a remote control as well as the touchscreen control on the pole. 

The responsiveness of the touch control is definitely impressive. On the downside, the remote uses 23A type batteries which are not easily available. 

Now, coming to the most important part – the stability, ZSCOO excels in this area as well. The base is weighted, as all nursery floor lamps should be. Assembly won’t take more than 5-10 minutes, depending on how handy you are. 

The overall height of the lamp (from floor to the top lamp) is 68.9”, which is perfect for dispersing the light across the entire room. 

  • Two separate lamp heads – one of ambient lighting and the other for reading.
  • Wide and stable weighted base, can’t be knocked down easily.
  • Variable brightness and color.
  • The reading lamp pole can be tilted at any angle.
  • No-fuss assembly.
  • Can be controlled by a remote as well as the touch control on the pole.
  • Acts glitchy with smart plugs.
  • The top lamp tilts on only one side.


4.HROOME Modern Decorative Cool Floor Lamp

HROOME Modern Decorative Cool Floor Lamp

This one here, I believe, is one of the most quirky-looking lamps you can buy for your nursery. The fixture is entirely made of plywood and the finish is marvelous. 

It’s not cheap by any means but if you are looking for something out-of-the-box and solidly made and money is no object, this lamp is definitely worth having a look at. 

Like the majority of products listed here, this one too measures just a little over 5 feet height-wise. That’s tall enough to reflect the light across the whole room. The height is adjustable which makes it all the more better. It weighs only 9.9 pounds, so you can move it around without much elbow grease. 

The plywood base is not weighted. But if you are going to put it on carpeting, it’s not going to wobble, rest assured. You can also put some extra weight on the base, if it worries you too much. Assembly is simple but you have to pay attention or it’s going to take forever.

Make sure everything is positioned and lined up properly before you tighten the screws all the way. The most fun part about this lamp is that you can get really creative with the man figure by positioning the movable parts in different ways. 

Your kids won’t get enough of it, you won’t get enough of it, nobody will get enough of it!

The box includes a cool white LED light as well as fabric gloves to put on during assembly. Fancy, eh? You can also swap the shade with any standard shade that fits. 

  • Height is adjustable.
  • Quirky stick figure shape that can be adjusted to create fun poses.
  • Comes with an LED light, provides decent illumination.
  • The shade is replaceable.
  • Durable plywood construction.
  • The base isn’t weighted but on low-pile carpeting, it appears to be pretty stable.


5. Catalina Lighting 19305-001 Floor Lamp


 Catalina Lighting 19305-001 Modern Metal Etagere Floor Lamp

The final entry on this roundup of the best floor lamps for nursery is something you see in the fancy suites of fancy hotels. It comes at a fancy cost as well but considering how awesome it looks and feels, I’d say it’s worth splurging on. 

It supports all standard-size bulbs and even comes with a three-way switch for adjusting the brightness level. The brightest setting is bright enough for reading. It’s still not the brightest lampshade around, but I love the soft, soothing glow of it. 

Add to that, you can connect the lamp to Google Home, Alexa, or any smart home device using the separately sold smart switch. 

Apart from astounding aesthetics, I also loved the zero-fusss assembly of the hardware parts. It takes roughly 5 minutes to put everything together. 

I noticed that there’s no bulb included in the box which is a bit of a bummer considering the price of the fixture. Since the metal base of the leg isn’t very wide, it’s going to wobble a little on carpet. 

That’s why I would advise placing it on a plain floor for stability. Mind you that the lamp is very lightweight, so make sure to place it behind a sofa or in a corner that’s not easily accessible. 


  • tylish, minimalistic design, great for small nurseries.
  • Three-way bulb switch lets you adjust the brightness in three levels.
  • Supports all regular-sized bulbs.
  • Can be connected to smart home devices.
  • Assembly is a cakewalk.
  • The base isn’t very wide. If you place it on a carpeted surface, it’s going to wobble. For safety purposes, position it in a corner or behind a sofa on a plain floor.


Some Good Reasons to Have Floor Lamps in the Nursery

Floor lamps are amazing for creating a cozy, relaxing ambience. Babies love cozy, don’t they? So why not get a floor lamp for the nursery too? Here are a few good reasons to invest in one, just in case you are still on the fence about it-

Floor Lamps Are Flexible

Overhead lights are a necessity but they can be blindingly bright at times. Unlike ceiling lights, floor lamps don’t directly hit the eye. And you can always use a low-wattage bulb or dim the lights to create a soothing ambience. 

Some lampshades allow you to tilt the head to focus the light only on a specific part of the room. You can position it beside your nursery glider and have your own little reading nook while the baby is asleep. 

Easy to Install

Ceiling light installation costs can quickly add up. I don’t see the point in installing tons of overhead lights in a nursery anyway. A quality floor lamp can give off enough illumination without putting unnecessary pressure on the baby’s eyes. 

Floor lamp installations are practically zero-cost. You can assemble the parts all by yourself in just a couple of minutes. 

Great Aesthetics 

There’s an undeniable charm to floor lamps. They ooze elegance and instantly level up the look of any room you choose to place it in. Floor lamps for kindergartens and nurseries come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. 

There are timeless classy pieces made of wood, chic contemporary designs, as well as funny stick figures to choose from. 

Are floor lamps safe for a nursery?

Floor lamps are a perfect little source of soft ambient light in the nursery. But what about safety? Babies are curious explorers. It’s safe to assume that at some point, they are going to want to explore it. 

Now, here are a few possible scenarios that scream danger – 

One, your baby who has just learned to crawl or walk tries to knock the lamp over. 

Solution: Buy a lamp with a wide, weighted base for added stability. 

Two, the baby tries to tinker with the power cord or worse, the socket in the absence of an adult in the room. As horrific as it may sound, it does pose a risk of electrocution. 

Solution: Choose the lamp with long power cords as they are easier to hide. You can also baby-proof the power cord and outlet with rubber covers and box outlets. It’s not going to be a pleasant sight but it’s your baby’s safety that’s at stake here. 

Alternatively, you can also look for a cordless lamp. They are a bit hard to come by and mostly aren’t as durable as their corded counterparts. But if you are paranoid about your baby accidentally sliding fingers into the socket, cordless lamps are definitely worth considering. 


Having a floor lamp in the nursery might not sound like a wise move as the baby will inevitably try to knock it over once they learn to walk. Moreover, lamps have power cords which is another thing that shouldn’t be around babies. 

However, as long as you choose a quality floor lamp for nursery with a wide, heavy-duty base, you don’t have much to worry about. As for the cord, you can always hide it to keep those tiny baby fingers from getting a hold of it. 

When it comes to choosing the best floor lamp for nursery, there’s no one-size-fits-all. So take your time carefully evaluating the space you have and decide accordingly. 

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