10 Best Led Lights For Your Bedroom – 2023 Latest Picks

There’s a plethora of LED lights made for all sorts of requirements. But which one of them would be ideal for bedroom?

Bedroom is a place where you sleep, relax, sometimes read books and occasionally it turns into a party hub.


So, it can be quite confusing to get it right considering there’s thousands of sellers selling almost the same kind of LED lights.

We decided to test out a few lights and create a list of the best LED lights for bedroom. The quality and user reviews were also given top priority so you don’t have to complain about faulty lights.

This list contains strip lghts, LED lamp, RGBIC lights and many of the LED fixtures suitable for bedroom environment.

Check them out.

10 Best Led Lights For Bedroom 2023

1. Govee Alexa LED Strip Lights

 Govee 65.6ft Alexa LED Strip Lights

If you want the best quality LED strip lights for your room, nothing can deliver better than the Govee Alexa. You can control it in a lot of ways and one of them is voice control with Alexa and Google assistant.

The remote and voice control, though helpful, offers limited functions. With the app, you have access to 16 million colors, different scene modes and you can even set timers.

This LED strip comes in a roll of two 32.8ft strip lights which connect to the control box in the middle. You can also cut it along the golden mark and also connect the pieces with a 4-pin connector.

Like a lot of high quality LED strips, this Govee light also has a music mode that syncs with surrounding sounds from your TV or games. What’s better is the light beads don’t pop out and have an even glow which is the hallmark of good quality LED lights.

Keep an eye on updates. Sometimes, the updates can be tricky and cause errors. But it doesn’t always happen, so you don’t have to worry about that.

  • Multiple control systems including voice, app, remote and control box.
  • Access 16 million colors and multiple scene modes using the app.
  • Reliable lighting experience with UL-certified power adapter.
  • The lights glow evenly without popping out too much.
  • Cuttable design to remove or add strips.
  • The updates can be wacky and sometimes malfunction.


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2. MINGER LED Strip Lights 

MINGER LED Strip Lights

If you want a simpler version of Govee Alexa, you can try out Minger. It doesn’t have huge color options. But with the 44-key IR remote, you can control everything and don’t have to rely on an external app.

These strip lights are perfect for ambient lighting. They could be a great addition to your kid’s room as a night light. It’s got 16 color options and also DIY functions to make your own color combos.

The strip has a sticky backing which makes it easy to install. The tape is extremely strong and that’s a good thing. But if you try to remove it, use an adhesive remover as paint from the wall can come off.

Although it doesn’t have an app or voice control, you can connect a smart plug. This will allow you to control this light through Amazon Echo or other smart voice assistants.

You can also cut the strip at designated points. But if you want to join the cut parts, you will need a 4-pin connector that doesn’t come with the light.

  • DIY mix colors using the remote buttons.
  • Control all functions using the 44 key IR remote.
  • Low heat emission and short circuit protection is safe for bedroom.
  • Extra strong sticky tape for easy and secure installation.
  • You need to buy the 4 pin connector separately if you want to extend this strip light.


3. Govee Smart Floor Lamp

Govee Smart Floor Lamp

The Smart lamp from Govee is the best LED light for your bedroom as it’s super thin (20mm) and space-saving. Due to its design, it has multi-usage in situations like parties, gaming sessions, or as a night light.

The coolest thing about this corner floor lamp is you can customize different segments of the light to emit different colors. The RGBIC technology makes it possible and it’s also commonly known as LED rainbow effect.

Being a smart LED lamp, you can control this with the Govee Home app. On top of that, it easily connects to Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control. However, it doesn’t come with a physical remote.

You can easily DIY your own color and also choose different moods like cheerful or romantic to suit the occasion. You can even keep it on white for illumination and the color temperature goes from 3300K-4300K.

The material the light is made of is aluminum. But If you want a sturdier and better functional and brighter version of this, try Lyra Govee. It also has more color temperature range and modes.

The lamp is corded and you need to plug it directly into an outlet. The only thing that could have been improved is increasing the length of the cord.

  • RGBIC technology allows you to customize segments with different colors.
  • Space-saving and eye-catching slim design for small bedrooms.
  • Easy to control with app and voice assistants.
  • Syncs with surrounding audio and changes color simultaneously.
  • The power cord could have been made a bit longer.


4. Philips Hue LED Smart Light Table Lamp

Philips Hue Go White and Color Portable Dimmable LED Smart Light Table Lamp

Searching for some cool LED lights to illuminate your room? The portable Philips Go table lamp won’t disappoint you. Use it to add depth and luminous energy to your bedroom or enhance the mood of your bath time.

The Go offers 16 million color combos. Moreover, you can also use it as a reading light as it also emits soft white light. It has dimming capability and syncs with music for more fun.

Being wireless, it can connect to the Hue app via Bluetooth. Though it’s a rechargeable LED lamp, you can still keep it plugged in and use it. If you want a fully wired version of this light, you can try out Philips Iris and it’s also lighter than the Philips Go.

This table lamp can be placed flat on its back. This gives you more versatility in places where you put it. It does have a built-in stand which allows you to place it at 45 degrees angle. But this position can be unstable, especially if there’s any pull from the power cord.

The rear part of the light is made from synthetic plastic. This looks clear like glass, but it’s strong and won’t break easily if it falls off. Overall, the Philips Go is the perfect night light for any bedroom.

  • Wireless and portable lamp is suitable to use anywhere & control with app.
  • Also works while the light charges using the wire.
  • Lasts 18 hours when used in different settings like ambient, color, or soft light.
  • Made of glass-like synthetic plastic that doesn’t break when falls.
  • 16 million color options to match the occasion.
  • When placed using the stand at 45 degrees, it could be a bit unstable.


5. Govee Smart Light Bars

Govee Smart Light Bars

This Govee pack of two smart light bars is all you need for adding ambiance to your bedroom. You can set up this light behind the TV or PC for an immersive experience. Or, use it as a standalone set for diffused lighting at night.

It’s yet another RGBIC LED light from Govee and for this reason, you can get those beautiful color gradients on the wall. It can emit different colors all at the same time. Moreover, you can DIY colors and choose between 4 lighting modes.

This particular model can be controlled using the control module or the Govee App. Both of the light bars can be controlled independently for different lighting setups. If you want Alexa and other voice control features check out the Pro version of these bars.

Though these lights diffuse well, they still are bright enough at 400 lumens. It does have a white color which can be used for reading. But there could be a bit of chromatic aberration and so it’s mostly suitable for mood lighting.

These light bars are powered by an electric cord. Portable would have been more satisfactory. However, that’s not the issue. Both light bars are connected to each other with a USB-C connector. So, there are a lot of cords going around which could annoy some users.

  • Dual light bar that can be independently controlled by app and control module.
  • Bright yet diffused lighting makes it perfect for ambient experience.
  • Get visually appealing gradient colors with the RGBIC light panel.
  • Mount it using adhesive anywhere or use the stand to set it up on level surfaces.
  • Too many cords in place as the light bars are electrically powered and are connected by wires to each other.


6. Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 LED Smart Bulb

 Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 LED Smart Bulb

You might simply need a smart LED light that can illuminate your room and still offer various colors other than white. Philips Hue is just right for the job. In terms of brightness, luminosity, and wireless capabilities, Hue is one of the best LED lights to buy for your bedroom.

The color temperature is fixed and it hits 2700K. So, when on white mode, you will get a clean soft white light that will be easy on the eyes. Moreover, you can choose between 16 million colors that share the same color temperature.

These smart LED bulbs connect to the app or voice assistants using Bluetooth. You can connect as many as 10 Hue lights together. But the range is 30 ft only. For a higher range, you will need the Philips Hue Hub and control up to 50 Hue bulbs from anywhere away from your home.

As far as the brightness of the light is concerned, you can choose between 3 versions 60W, 75W, and 100W. This particular version is 60W and is still bright enough to be used as a room light.

  • Soothing 2700K color temperature with 16 million colors including soft white light.
  • Long-lasting and durable bulb that is certified to last 25000 hours.
  • Connect 10 hub bulbs at once via Bluetooth and app.
  • Can be connected to a Hue hub for higher range and more light bulbs connectivity.
  • Fits into any regular home bulb socket (A19 base).
  • The color temperature is not adjustable
  • Voice control is limited as the Bluetooth range is only 30 ft.


7. Tenmiro Led Strip Lights

Tenmiro 65.6ft Led Strip Lights

If you want to decorate your room with LED lights, you can consider Tenmiro strips. This 65.6ft strip light can go around your entire room. With millions of color combinations, it can completely change the mood and environment of your bedroom at night.

It doesn’t connect with an app. However, it comes with a 44-key IR remote that will let you change colors and all other functionalities. This light has 8 lighting modes including jump, flash, and fade.

Tenmiro is one of the most complete LED light strip packages you will find. You can cut it every 3 LEDs and then use the included connectors to join the strips where you need them. With most LED strips, you will need to buy these connectors separately.

Keep in mind that this strip light is designed for indoor use only. The LEDs are surface-mounted without any protection. So, it’s best to not use them in moisture-prone places. Bedrooms, living rooms, and nurseries are some of the safe places to use it.

The strip can be mounted using the included sticky tape. It’s quite strong and you can probably reuse it too. The only thing to consider is the light isn’t bright enough for reading and that’s normal for these types of rope lights.

  • Control everything using the simple 44 key remote.
  • Millions of colors can be accessed to change the mood of your room.
  • Cuttable design makes it easy to around the corners of the room.
  • Comes with connectors to extend and join LED strips.
  • Easy to install with self-adhesive tape.
  • It doesn’t connect to an app, so you will have to rely on the remote only.

8.Hyrion Smart Led Strip Lights

 Hyrion 100ft Smart Led Strip Lights

The reason we consider Hyrion one of the best LED light to get for bedroom is because of its ease of control. You can use the basic IR remote, the built in app or pair with voice assistants to control this light. It makes life so much easier.

The Hyrion light comes in two 50 feet rolls. So, 100 ft strip would ideally cover up any medium to large bedroom. You can even cut it at specific lengths to go around the corners.

To access the voice control feature, you will need to connect the light to the app first. Then connect Alexa or other voice assistants to the app. You can use voice to turn on/off, set colors and also adjust brightness.

This RGB light can produce 16 million colors which can make your bedroom vivid and colorful. It even syncs with ambient sounds in the room and changes colors. You can also take advanatege of the timer to make it turn on/off on a specific time.

The only downside to using this light strip is the remote doesn’t allow you to turn it on/off. You will need to manually turn it on or use the app.

  • Easy to control with remote, app, and voice control.
  • Huge array of color options so you don’t get bored.
  • Use the built-in timer function and never worry about turning it off.
  • Colors shift and dance to music and other ambient sounds.
  • There’s no way to turn off/on using the remote.


9. Dalattin Smart Led Strip Lights

Dalattin Smart Led Strip Lights

The Dalattin LED strip is pretty similar to the Hyrion strip. With Dalattin, you don’t have the option to voice control the light. But the app and remote do a good job to make it worth buying.

This LED light is 100 ft long and comes in two rolls of 50ft. Like most LED strips these days, it also has a cuttable design. So, you can cut it to fit any size of the room and with a solderless connector, you can even extend it or join the cut parts together.

You can choose almost any color on this light making it perfect for parties and family events. Moreover, the sequence in which the colors will change can also be set. There’s a timer on this light that can be set to turn it off/on at specific times of the day.

The app works quite well. However, the buttons of the remote aren’t much responsive. Through the app, you can even turn it on/off and some users have praised this feature.

To mount the light, you can use the sticky tape provided. It’s super strong and will hold the strip to the wall securely.

  • Cuttable and extendible design makes it easier to fit any room.
  • Lot of color choices to match any situation.
  • Syncs up with music and changes color.
  • Connects with an app for ease of control.
  • The remote buttons could have been more responsive.


10. DAYBETTER Led Lights


DayBetter LED strip is simple but it does the job. It’s got lots of lighting modes and DIY color functions. All you need to do is plug it in and it will amplify the mood in your bedroom.

It doesn’t come with any smart features like some of the other LED strips on this list. However, the 44 key IR remote is enough to control everything. A lot of the users like it old way and within the budget. So, if that’s you, go for it.

You can easily cut the strip after every 3 LEDs. There are marks where you can cut and that leaves you out of confusion and avoid accidentally ruining the circuit. If you need to connect any strips together, you will need to buy compatible connectors separately.

This strip light has 6 dynamic modes including auto, jump and fade. Moreover, you can control the speed of these modes to be slow or quick. The brightness is also good enough for light reading at night.

  • The remote has all the keys to control every function.
  • 6 light modes and 2 speed modes enhances the lighting experience.
  • Can be cut at specific markings to make the strip shorter.
  • The white light is bright enough for light reading.
  • To extend the strips you will need to get the matching connectors separately.


Things to consider when buying LED lights for Room

1. The purpose of lighting

LED lights you buy for living room or the hallways would be slightly different from LED lights for bedroom.

It’s important to identify the purpose behind getting an LED light in your bedroom. Here are some reasons:

  • Room is dark and needs extra illumination
  • There’s no light and you need LED light for full illumination
  • For ambiance and decorative purpose

Based on these, your purchase will vary a great deal.

2. Types of LED lights

For bedroom, these are the types of LED lights that are suitable:

  • Strip lights: Perfect for decorating and adding color to the room.
  • Floor lamp: Ideal for illuminating a particular section of your room.
  • Light bar: They can be set up behind your TV or PC to give that immersive experience.
  • Light bulb: Bulbs can come with a lot of functionalities. But they are generally used for illuminating a large section of the room or the whole room.

3. Smart functionalities

Most LED lights thse days come with different types of smart functionalities. The most common among them is app connectivity.

You might also find lights that can connect with voice assistants like Alexa and Google. But voice control is sometimes unnecessary and you will need to pay more money for that. It would be perfect for you if you have a smart home and need devices that stay connected.

4. Colors & modes

You will find three categories of LED lights: RGB, RGBIC and white LED.

RGB LED lights have the ability to produce a plethora of colors. It’s common in strip lights.

RGBIC LED lights also produce variety of colors. The difference is you can customize different egments of the light will different colors to create a gradient.

White LED lights don’t have color options. But they might have adjustable color temperature so you can go from slightly yello tinted white light to slightly blue tinted white light.

These days LED lights have a few extra modes like syncing with music, lighting modes (flashing), and timer mode. These are certainly useful but not mandatory.

FAQs On Led Lights to Decorate Your Room

1. Are LED lights good for bedrooms?

LED lights are more than ideal for bedrooms because they emit low heat, available in various shapes and some LED lights allow you to change colors for mood lighting. All of these are necessary for a bedroom environment.

2. The good sides of using LED lights in your room

LED lights in your room offer the following benefits:

  • LED lights don’t heat up as much as other lights. So, they are safer to use
  • They consume less energy so you can run them all day long for pennies
  • Has a wide variety of features and smart controlling abilities. You can control them from the comfort of your bed.
  • LED lights have an adjustable color temperature which is suitable for different purposes like reading, night light, and parties.
  • Comes in stunning designs and can add aesthetic value to your room

3. Are LED lights harmful to your room walls?

LED strip lights themselves won’t hamper your walls. But the adhesive tape used to mount it can ruin walls if you don’t properly remove them. Also, the durability of the paint and the adhesion strength of the tape comes into play.

4. What is the ideal length of LED strip lights for a room?

Any strip light over 16 ft should be enough for your bedroom. Because the length of one wall to the other wall in standard-sized bedroom is about 16 ft. If you buy longer strips, you can cover your entire room and then cut it where necessary or extend it if it falls short.

Final Words

If you keep on searching, you will probably find more LED lights in different shapes and designs. However, this list of the best LED lights for bedroom has a mix of several kinds of LEDs and one of them will likely to fit your needs.

Lighting your bedroom can be fun and try to play with it. You can layer the lighting with several fixtures like an LED lamp, strip lights and a bulb.

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