10 Best LED Strip Lights With Remote Control – (2023 Expert Guide)

LED strip lights are the craze these days!

Sadly, finding one with quality build and performance is hard. Because there are tons of them and most of them are cheaply made that won’t last even a month.

When you take it one level higher and want a remote-controlled LED strip, the search can get even more tedious.

I decided to test and find the best LED strip lights with a remote. Eventually, after playing around with more than 25 of these sets, we finally reached a top 10 list.


Yeah and some of them even connect with an app for more customizations.

Here’s the list!

10 Best LED Strip Lights With Remote Control 2023

1. Tenmiro Led Strip Lights

 Tenmiro 65.6ft Led Strip Lights

Tenmiro is the most complete LED strip package you can find. You can connect more strips to it and everything you need like connectors and all comes with it. Just sit back and use the IR remote to control it.

These strip lights can produce millions of colors and even has 8 party light modes like jump, flash, fade, and others. It doesn’t have a rainbow mode. So, wherever color or pattern you choose will run across all the LED panels.

You can cut the strip every 6.5” and also connect it to another strip to make it longer. You will get 4-pin connectors and gapless solderless connectors to complete the cutting and extending procedure. 

The remote comes with 44 keys to control everything from color temperature to brightness. The adhesive to stick the LED strips is also strong enough to hold the light for a medium to long duration. Overall, Tenmiro is one of the best remote-controlled strip lights to buy.

  • Cuttable LED strip that also comes with necessary connectors for extension.
  • Strong self-adhesive tapes last long and make it easier to install.
  • Millions of colors can be chosen using the 44-key remote.
  • Long strip length suitable for living room & other large spaces.

  • Perfect for mood lighting, but the brightness isn’t high enough for illuminating your home.


2. Govee  LED Strip Lights – LED Strip Lights Works With Both App & Remote

Govee 16.4ft Color Changing LED Strip Lights

Govee makes some of the Best LED strip lights with remotes. This particular model has an extra charm to it as you can control the strip with an app as well. So, you can choose from 16 million customized colors.

The remote works equally well. However, the app will allow you more settings and options for customizations. It connects using Bluetooth within a 10m range. You can even access 64 scene modes for different moods and occasions.

The light has a mic that senses music and sounds in the environment and syncs the light colors accordingly. It’s perfect when you are watching a movie or even playing games.

Like the Tenmiro LED strip, you can also cut this strip at specific intervals. But it doesn’t provide you with the 4 pin connectors needed for extension. To attach the light use the adhesive tape and for more secured installation use the support clips as well.

For those of you confused about whether this works with Google home. Sadly, it doesn’t. But you can check this Google Home compatible Govee LED that works equally well.

  • Customize 16 million colors with the app.
  • Easily syncs with surrounding music for automatic lighting and color effects.
  • Strip can be cut to achieve the desired length or connect with other strips.
  • Secured mounting using the adhesive tape and support clips.
  • The remote doesn’t have too many buttons for customization.

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3. Govee TV LED Backlight – Remote Controlled Strip Lights for TV

Govee TV LED Backlight

This LED light strip from Govee is perfect as a backlight for your TV. The length is ideal for TVs 46-60 in and requires minimal cutting. With music syncing, you can see the colors dance with the music flow.

Though you don’t have access to million color combinations in this light strip. It offers 64 colors which isn’t bad either. You can also adjust the brightness to 6 levels. The good thing is that the brightness is mild and won’t bother your eyes.

The default music sync mode will give you fast-paced colors. But you can use the remote to slow down the speed and enjoy your show. Apart from the remote, you can also use the control box. This is suitable for situations when the remote fails.

The light is powered by a USB. So, you can plug this into your TV or PC. However, when the TV is off, the light will also turn off. Alternatively, you can use a DC5V 2A phone charger to connect the USB and power the lights separately.

  • 64 colors and 6 brightness levels to light up your TV background.
  • Syncs with music to produce dancing color effects.
  • Control box added as an alternative to situations when the remote fails.
  • Power your light strip from any device using USB.
  • Powering up with USB can be problematic as the light will turn off if the device is off. Use a mobile charger with the USB.


4. DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights

DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights

Daybetter is one of the longest LED lights to come with remote control. The two rolls of 50 feet strips can easily cover your entire bedroom or living room for parties and other occasions.

While the 24-key remote will help you change the colors and switch between modes, the app allows you to do much more. The strip will also sync with the music and change colors.

What we loved most is you can set a timer on this light. You can make it turn off or change color at a specific time. This is really helpful if you want the light to behave in a certain way at fixed times.

The white color in this light isn’t actually pure blue. It’s more like a whitish blue as some users have reported. This is quite common in RGB light strips as won’t be using it to illuminate your home.

The strip is cuttable if you need to do it for some reason. And you can even turn it around the corners without cutting it. The only thing that could have been improved is the build quality of the lights.

  • Long length is perfect for covering the entire bedroom and extension possible.
  • Timer allows you to turn off or change the colors of the light at a set time.
  • Turning around the corners doesn’t need cutting, but the strip has a cuttable design.
  • Connects with a smartphone app for more control and customizations.
  • The remote control is flimsy and might not last long if it falls frequently. But you have the app as a backup.


5. Cozylady Smart LED Strips Light – LED String Lights Compatible with Google Home

Cozylady Smart LED Light Strips

Cozylady is as smart as LED strip lights can get. Apart from the remote and app, you can control this light with Google Home or Alexa. It would definitely fit in if you have a smart home and all your devices are connected.

Using the app you can customize the lighting and explore DIY colors. It even syncs with music and provides a wonderful combination of color dancing. It does have a group control, so you can control more than one strip from the app together.

When you use it with Alexa or Google Home, you can change colors, and brightness and even turn it on/off. The installation process isn’t hard and you can set it up in minimum time.

We loved the timer function on this light as you can set it to turn off at a specific time. The quality of the remote control is quite good compared to a lot of models. But it doesn’t have the DIY buttons on it. You will have to rely on the app more.

The best part is that a lot of users have reported that the light strip is bright enough. Some users even stretched it to say that it replaced their overhead light.

  • Truly smart experience as it’s compatible with popular voice control devices.
  • Connect with the app for more controls and DIY features.
  • The LEDs and the remote are both built with quality materials.
  • Bright enough to add more lighting to your home.
  • The remote doesn’t have the DIY color buttons.


6. Nexillumi LED Strip Lights

Nexillumi LED Strip Lights

Nexillumi has a more functional remote with 44 keys. You control most of the things like changing colors and other stuff from the remote itself. Additionally, there’s an app that’s even more helpful.

This LED strip light has a lot of color presets that can save you time when you need something particular in a given situation. There’s a built-in mic that will sync with the surrounding music and change colors accordingly.

Apart from the app and remote, there’s a 3 button control box. With this, you can access brightness, colors, and music mode. This could be a lifesaver if the remote fails in the future.

While there’s not much to talk about LED adapters, Nexillumi has a fireproof adapter. So, it’s worth mentioning. The adapter has passed all UL standards and it will auto shut off during an event of an overload or short-circuit.

To install the strip around the corners, you might need to buy L-shaped connectors. But in our tests, we found them flexible enough to go around the corners without any extra accessories.

One of the issues we found is that the control box might make a buzzing sound after installation. But you can fix this by backing off the cord a little bit and twisting it.

  • 44 Key remote allows you to have more control over color and modes.
  • Also connects with an app for more color options.
  • High quality fireproof and short-circuit proof power adapter.
  • Lot of color presets available and can be accessed from both remote and app.
  • Flexible enough to go around the corners.
  • You might find buzzing sounds coming from the control box. But it can be fixed.


7. Lepro LED Strip Light -LED Strip Light for under cabinet

 Lepro LED Strip Light

Now moving away from RGB lights, Lepro is the best white LED strip light with a remote control. Technically, you can change color temperature in 3 levels and this light is more suited for illuminating your home rather than just hanging as a decorative piece.

This strip light has 300 pieces of LEDs which offer sufficiently bright illumination. With the remote, you can easily increase or decrease the brightness levels to your desired need from 0 to 100%.

You can choose between three color temperatures. At 3000K, you will get a much warmer light that’s perfect for nighttime. 4000K is neutral and can be used on and off throughout the day. If you are reading books or want more whitish light tune to 6000K.

One of the best things about Lepro is that it has a built-in remember function. So, whatever settings you are at before turning off like 60% brightness and 6000K color temperature, it will turn on with the exact same settings. Really helpful when you actually use it.

Some users reported that you cannot extend the strips for making them longer. Although, you can cut and make them shorter.

  • Super customizable brightness as you can adjust from 0 to 100%.
  • Three white toned color temperatures for illuminating your home.
  • Works with a smart outlet to control using Alexa.
  • Strong 3M adhesive tape for easy mounting.

  • You might not be able to extend this strip light out of the box, but with some DIY skills it can be possible.


8. Echosari Led Strip Lights – Battery Powered led lights with remote

echosari Battery Powered Led Strip Lights

If you want to use LED strips as a night light, Echosari is the one you should consider. Its color temperature can reach as low as 2700K giving you much warmer lighting.

Most LED strips in the market can only reach 3000K, but this goes lower. So, you can use this near the stair area and pathways for soft and gentle lighting. Or, install it in your bedroom for a romantic environment.

You do the option to tune the brightness in 10 levels. So, you can make it much brighter or super dim. Like the previous light, this one has a memory function as well. It will remember your last settings before turning it off.

This strip light has 8 lighting modes to make it more fun. You can choose between mods like Flash, slow fade, Twinkle, etc. The timer function is also a great addition as it lets you turn the light off for 18 hours and on for 6 hours throughout the day.

To power the lights, you will need batteries. So, it’s quite portable in that sense. But changing batteries can be an issue. You can use energizer batteries and make it rechargeable.

  • Warm 2700K light is gentle on the eyes and perfect for nighttime uses.
  • Further, adjust the light intensity with 10 levels of brightness adjustment.
  • 8 lighting modes for different sorts of mood lighting.
  • Can be set up anywhere as it is powered by battery.
  • Changing batteries often can be become expensive. You can choose to use rechargeable batteries instead.


9. Govee LED Strip Lights – Outdoor LED Strip Lights With Remote

Govee 32.8ft LED Strip Lights

Govee also makes strip lights suitable for outdoor use. This strip light won’t be waterproof, but it certainly can resist moisture, dust, and probably water splashes.

While most LED strips don’t have anything over them, this strip has a tough silicone coating. You can use this strip in places like outside the door, stairs, and places where it is exposed indirectly to the environment.

The strip offers various colored lighting. You can use the DIY buttons on the remote to make your own custom colors. Because of the silicone coating, the light is evenly spread and has a smoother effect.

You can cut the strip just like other models on this list. However, attaching the cut strips can be an issue as the thick silicone layer makes it hard to use L connectors. So, either you will have to remove the silicone layer or find a suitable connector that will work along with the silicone layer.

In terms of outdoor use, this might be the best LED strip light remote combo you can find on the market. So, it’s totally worth the money.

  • Suitable for outdoor use as the strip is covered with silicone.
  • DIY color functions can be accessed from the remote to make custom lighting.
  • The light spreads evenly and is smoother because of the outer layer.
  • 3M adhesive and fixing clips provide strong mounting options.
  • It’s tough to join the strips if you cut them as usual connectors won’t fit because of the outer thick layer.


10. Minetom String Lights – Led string light for Room Party

Minetom String Lights

For party situations, string lights or more commonly known as fairy lights work best. It provides dazzling effects that can change the mood of your entire space. This string light even works outdoors.

This fairy light offers 16 vibrant colors and you can adjust the brightness as well. It also has different party modes like twinkle, strobe, etc. These settings don’t apply to a specific color and all the colors are activated together. But that’s what you need from fairy lights, right?

We loved the fact this string light has an IP67 waterproof rating. So, you can install this on your patio or balcony and it can resist rainwater making it perfect for outdoor use.

You can also time the lights to go on and off at a specific time. So, it will turn on for 6 hours and stay off for 18 hours. This could be helpful as the lights will automatically turn on and off and you won’t have to do it manually.

The best part is Minetom string lights work with both USB port and standard outlet. So, you can connect it with any USB-supported device if you don’t have an outlet nearby.

  • Flexible string lights that can be installed in any position and turn into any shape.
  • Perfect for outdoors as it has an IP67 waterproof rating.
  • Use the timer to automatically get the light on and off.
  • Powered by both USB and electric outlet.
  • When using party modes like strobe, all the colors come out instead of just one single color effect.


Factors to consider when buying LED strips with remote

1. Length of the LED strip

When buying any LED strip lights, the length is a decisive factor. If you are looking to cover a large space like the entire edges of the ceiling, you will need a longer strip.

So, decide first what length you need and then buy a strip a bit larger. It’s easier to cut LED strips than to join them.

2. Functionality of the remote

All the strip light models in our list come with a remote. Some have a slightly better remote with more functionality.

These remotes will allow you to DIY colors, adjust brightness, and a lot more. So, they come with more keys.

While some remotes will have just a few keys for important functions and you will have to use the app (if available) to get more out of your lights.

3. Extra connectivity functions: App & control box

Having extra control devices apart from the remote really helps. As most of the remotes that come with LED strips don’t have the heavy build quality, they could fail at some point.

So, if the light is compatible with an app, you won’t have to be super dependent on the remote. Moreover, the app lets you have more control and access to more functions.

You can also find a control box attached to the adapter. This will also let you control basic functions like turning on/off and adjusting brightness.

4. Color and brightness

You will find a lot of colors on LED strips. Some even have options for DIY-ing colors that give you potentially millions of colors. These lights are perfect for mood lighting.

Lights like Lepro and Echosari have a single or two to three color temperatures that are versions of white color. These are more suited for illuminating your home.

On almost all of these strip lights, you can control the brightness. Some will have two or three levels of adjustments and others will let you go from 0% to 100%. 

5. Extendability and cuttable design

LED strip lights to have a cuttable design is definitely an important factor. The models we reviewed have markings at specific intervals where you can make a cut safely without damaging the circuits.

You can even extend these lights with a suitable connector. Only a few are designed in a way that is hard to cut or extend.


FAQ On Remote Controlled Led Strip Lights

1. Can I Control Multiple Strip Lights With Only One Remote?

Yes, you can control multiple strip lights with just one remote if you create a master receiver and connect that to a driver.

The master receiver (combination of more than one receiver) will relay the signal from the remote to control all the connected LED strip lights. Watch this video for a more detailed demonstration:

2. What sort of batteries is suitable to use in LED strip lights?

In most cases, LED strip lights that are battery-powered will use AA batteries. You can also use rechargeable batteries if the LED light supports them.

3. How can you control the LED strip lights with a remote?

The remote that comes with LED strip emits messages in IR and a receiver attached to the lights receives it, decode it, and then signals the light to perform the function.

Final Words

So, what’s the best LED strip light with remote among all these 10? It’s tough to differentiate because they are that good.

However, we will keep Tenmiro at the top of our favorite list as it comes with everything you need to cut and extend the light. Moreover, this light offers millions of colors that can add fun to your nightlife.

LED strip lights consume a small quantity of electrical energy. So, you can use them as much as you want without guilt.

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