Best Motion Sensor Stair Lights 2023 [No More Dark Stairs At Home]

Do you feel like you are wasting too much electricity with your stair lights?

The simplest solution could be installing stair lights that have motion sensor features.

Yeah. They will stay off when there’s no one around and light up magically when you show up. And they aren’t the most expensive of the lights.


We tested out a hefty amount of lights in the last few months. Some of them work fine and others are average.

To find the best motion sensor stair lights, we applied parameters like motion sensor modes, sensor range, duration, power source, etc. Finally, only 10 of the lights passed our strict screening process.

Here’s what we found!

10 Best Motion Sensor Lights For Stairs 2023

1. Mr. Beams Battery-Powered Motion-Sensing LED  Nightlight

Motion sensor range: 9 ft

Auto-off timeout: 30 sec

Power source: Battery

Mounting option: Adhesive tape, Screws

Mr. Beams MB 723 MB723 Battery-Powered Motion-Sensing LED Nightlight

When searching for wireless motion sensor stair lights, you simply can’t ignore Mr. beams. This pack of 3 LED lights will light up small areas of your home like stairs, hallways, and other pathways that don’t require constant lighting.

Mr. Beams is both sensitive to light and motion. It will automatically turn on and off within a 9 ft range. The best part is when it’s daytime, the light will stay totally off saving you money.

These lights emit 20 lumens which is great as they won’t shine bright and affect your sleep. But just bright enough to see where you are stepping. This version emits neutral white (5000K). You can also check out the warm white Mr. Beams if you want a dimmer light.

The motion sensor on this light covers 160 degrees. This means it can detect motion better and light up reliably. It will shut down again after 30 seconds of no motion in its range.

The lights are mainly powered by Batteries and you can mount them either using sticky tape or screws. However, the sticky tape isn’t the strongest in our opinion and it’s best to install it using the screws.

  • High range of angle ensure that lights turn on every time after motion.
  • Remain off during the daytime and activates automatically when it’s dark.
  • You can mount with screws if the adhesive tape fails.
  • Battery operation means no wires and outlets needed nearby.
  • The adhesive tape provided is weak and can fail at some point. Use the screws or velcros.


2. AUVON Plug-in LED Motion Sensor Stair Light

Motion sensor range: 12 ft

Auto-off timeout: 60 sec

Power source: Corded Plug-in

Mounting option: Direct plug into the outlet

AUVON Plug-in LED Motion Sensor Night Light

You might not be a great fan of battery-powered devices. Auvon is one of the best motion sensor stair lights that run on electricity. So, you won’t have to spend a dime on changing batteries in the future.

The Auvon light has 3 modes including Off, On, and Auto. The On mode is where the light will stay on all the time. This could be helpful when you have people or kids walking around the home and the stair lights need to stay on constantly.

The auto mode is where the motion detector kicks in. It has a slightly lower detection angle of 120 degrees compared to Mr. Beams. But it still works like charm. It will detect motion up to 12 ft and turn off automatically when you are out of this range.

To power up the device, you need to put its plugs into a 2 prone plug. And that’s the way it will stay mounted. If you are looking to install a lot of these lights, finding or managing 2 prone plugs in large numbers can be a problem.

Apart from that, the quality of these lights is fantastic. They have a fire-resistant casing and also prevent over-current.

  • You can keep it on all the time or run it on auto or turn it off altogether.
  • Has a warm tint to the light which won’t hamper your sleep.
  • Plugs-in directly into the outlet, so no battery wastage.
  • Ability to change brightness to use in different situations or areas of your home.
  • You need to plug it into an outlet and that can be a problem when you have 4-5 of these lights in a single space.


3.Mlambert Motion Sensor LED Night Light

Motion sensor range: 10 ft

Auto-off timeout: 20 sec

Power source: Battery

Mounting option: Adhesive tape, magnet, screws

Mlabert Motion Sensor LED Night Light

If you want brighter indoor LED stair lights with motion sensors, Mlabert can be a good option. At 32 Lumens, it’s not overly bright, but it will illuminate your staircase pathway beautifully.

This light works automatically and you don’t have to switch between any modes. As you approach the light, it will turn on without a miss and after 20 sec, it will turn off again. The 120-degree beam angle is sufficient to gain a good response from the motion sensor.

Mlabert light uses 3 AAA batteries for power. But you can also use NiMH rechargeable batteries to save money in the long term.

To mount the light, you can use one of three options. The easiest is the 3M adhesive tape. You can also use the magnetic disc to mount the light anywhere and move it again when needed.

However, the magnetic mounting option isn’t reliable as it can dislodge light vibrations on the stairs. You can use the screws to make it a permanent fixture and that would be the best way to go.

  • Auto shuts down quickly which can prolong battery life.
  • 3 mounting options add versatility to where and how you want to install the light.
  • Brighter compared to other low intensity LED motion sensor lights.
  • Heavy build quality ensure that the lights will last longer.
  • You can use rechargeable batteries if you want.
  • The magnetic disc mount is weak and can come off with light pressure or vibration.


4. Youtob Motion Sensor LED Ceiling Light

Motion sensor range: 9-16 ft approx

Auto-off timeout: Adjustable 30sec/180 sec

Power source: Corded electric

Mounting option: Screws

 Youtob Motion Sensor Light LED Ceiling Light

Youtob is one of the most customizable motion sensor lights that you can use for stairs and other pathways in your home. It’s designed to mount on the ceiling. So, two or three of these lights should be enough for your stairway.

These lights have an adjustable time-out feature. So, you can choose between 30s and 180s for the light to auto shut off. This can really help to depend on the situation. When you have guests at home, you can increase the time out for maximum illumination.

We also loved the fact that you can change the color temperature of this light. It’s got 3000K, 4000k, and 5000k. During the nighttime, you can set it to 3000K for a much warmer and eye-soothing lighting experience.

Youtube has one of the highest lux ratings in motion sensor lights. It will emit 1500 lumens, but will only use 15 W power. Because of its design, you will get recessed lighting and so no issues with harsh light.

As it’s a wired light, you won’t have to deal with changing batteries. However, it can be a bit difficult to install the screw to attach the ground wire. As you have to drill out a hole.

  • High illumination combined with recessed design creates a relaxed and bright lighting.
  • Customizable time out gives you control over motion sensor shut down.
  • Adjust color temperature between warm, neutral, and white.
  • No battery changing issues as it is powered through hardwire.
  • You need to drill a hole in order to complete the installation process.


5. Peakplus LED Motion Sensor Light

Motion sensor range: 10-17 ft approx

Auto-off timeout: 25 sec

Power source: Battery

Mounting option: Adhesive tape

Peakplus LED Motion Sensor Light

Need a durable & stylish motion sensor LED light To illuminate your stairs? Peakplus could be a great option. The lights are built into aluminum alloy cases instead of plastic which you can find commonly in LED light categories.

The light only activates when there is motion within 10-17 feet and under 2 conditions: When there’s no light and when there’s motion. So, you don’t have to worry about the light turning on during the day.

Each light operates on 4 AAA batteries. You might make it work if you can find rechargeable AAA batteries, but that’s up to you.

Positioning the LED motion sensor light horizontally achieves a 120-degree wide-angle of detection, making it perfect for most purposes. The installation is simple with an adhesive strip and a magnetic bar which is common in such lights.

The downside to these lights is that the latch over the battery compartment has a tendency to fall off and the battery compartment is slightly narrower on one of the lights, making it a challenge to get the batteries out. But overall, these lights are a great option for those looking for an affordable and durable motion sensor light.

  • The motion sensor is very sensitive and activates the light immediately when there’s motion.
  • Adhesive strip and magnetic mounting makes installation a breeze.
  • The light remains on for a short amount of time after motion stops, which is a great feature for saving battery.
  • As the lights are built within aluminum alloy cases, they are durable and not prone to breaking.
  • It can be a bit hard to get the batteries out as the battery compartment is narrow.


6.Kolandy Motion Sensor LED Light Strip

Motion sensor range: Not specified but short-range

Auto-off timeout: Adjustable 15sec /130sec/ 380sec

Power source: Battery

Mounting option: Adhesive magnetic tape

Kolandy Motion Sensor LED Light Strip

Wait! You can even try out motion sensor-equipped LED strips lights from Kolandy. With strip light, you can mount it anywhere on your stairs with no limitations.

This strip light is powered by a 1100mAh rechargeable battery. So, you won’t have to take the hassle to change batteries often. Moreover, a 2-hour charge can last 1-2 weeks easily.

We were highly impressed by the different time-out settings on this light. You can configure the motion sensor to auto turn off after 15 sec, 130 sec, or 380 sec. Depending on the situation, you can customize this setting. When its night time, keep it at its lowest setting 15 sec to save battery life and power.

You will find two modes on this light. On the day mode, the light will turn on by motion the whole day long. Whereas, on night mode, it will only turn on by motion in the dark.

Installing this light is super easy as you get a 3M adhesive magnetic strip. However, you might need to change the adhesive strip at some point because it’s not the strongest in our opinion.

  • Highly adjustable auto time for different scenarios.
  • Rechargeable battery lasts for 1-2 weeks on a single charge.
  • You can choose motion trigger all day long or only when it is dark.
  • The adhesive and magnet makes it really a breeze to install.
  • The adhesive might fail at some point and you need to change it
  • The strip isn’t long enough to cover your stairs completely. You might need to add one more to it.


7.Bell+Howell Motion Sensor Wireless Light

Motion sensor range: 10 ft

Auto-off timeout: 20 sec

Power source: Battery

Mounting option: Adhesive magnetic tape, Screws

Bell+Howell Motion Sensor Wireless Light

The Bell Howell wireless lights have been there for years. And we think these are the best motion sensor lights to get for your stairs. With the adhesive tape, you can stick them anywhere around the stairs like the sides, edges, or on the ceiling.

This light has an excellent motion sensor that can detect motion within 10ft. It will auto turn on in the dark when you approach it. Moreover, it has an adjustable color temperature between 5000-6500K.

If you want, you can keep it in the hand wave sensor mode. Just wave your hand around the sensor and it will turn on and wave again to turn it off. You can use this feature if you plan to use it in your bathroom or bedroom.

The Bell Howell light might look extremely sleek and lightweight. But it does have great build quality as the body is made from aluminum and stainless steel. It will definitely blend in with any modern decor.

The one thing to keep an eye on is the adhesive tape. It might get weak over time. So, if you want a more permanent and long-lasting installation, use the screws to mount it.

  • Turns off automatically fast within 20 sec to save battery life.
  • Has a unique hand wave sensor mode to have more control over the lighting.
  • High-quality build as it’s made from aluminum and stainless steel.
  • The color temperature can be adjusted from 5000-6500K.
  • Easily attach anywhere with the adhesive magnetic strip.
  • The adhesive strip can get weak over time. We recommend using the screws for a more secured installation.


8. TOOWELL Motion Sensor Ceiling Light

Motion sensor range: 22 ft

Auto-off timeout: 20 sec

Power source: Rechargeable Battery

Mounting option: Screws

Here’s another motion sensor ceiling light that can illuminate your stairs without spending extra power. It has a wide detection angle and will turn on with the slightest of movement from 9-16 away and turn off when you are more than 22 ft away.

The light is sufficiently bright as it emits 300 lumens. It can illuminate a 300 sq ft space easily. It does diffuse quite well as the lamp cover is frosted. So, when you walk at night, it won’t disrupt your sleeping eyes.

You can choose between 3 modes. The auto mode will turn on the light when motion is detected in darkness. Whereas, the ‘On’ mode will keep it light up always. You can even choose to turn it off altogether.

We were really impressed as the light is compatible with 4D cell batteries. You can easily use any USB-C cable to recharge the light.

Although the screw mounting option is great for secured installation, we would have loved it if it had come with sticky tapes.

  • Strong and diffused light illuminates 300 sqft space without hurting eyes.
  • 3 modes: Auto, On, and Off for different scenarios and uses.
  • The motion sensor is extremely sensitive and lights up with slight movement.
  • You can recharge it with a USB C cable.
  • It doesn’t come with sticky adhesive tape for easy installation. You need to put some effort to mount it using the screws.


9. GE Enbrighten LED Motion Sensor Night Light

Motion sensor range: 25 ft (real range around 5ft)

Auto-off timeout: 90 sec

Power source: Corded plug-in

Mounting option: Screws

GE Enbrighten LED Motion Sensor Night Light

The GE Enbrighten has some pretty interesting features that make it worth buying. It’s a fairly warm-toned light that has two useful motion sensor modes. You don’t need any tape or screw to mount it, just plug it into an outlet to use.

You can use the switch on the back of the night light to switch between the two modes. The motion boost mode could easily become your favorite feature. The light stays on at low 3 lumens and boosts up to 40 lumens when there’s motion. This feature is perfect for nighttime.

If you want complete darkness when you are not near the light, you can switch back to the motion-activated mode. Then the light will only turn on when there’s motion in the dark.

The motion sensor on this light is sensitive enough and does have a wide-angle. But we don’t think it has a 25-ft range. That’s too much boasting on the manufacturer’s part. What it offers is still good enough to be effective.

All in all, the GE Enbrighten has made this list of the best motion sensor stair lights because of its handy features and the decorative outlook it offers.

  • Motion booster mode keeps the light low and brightens up automatically with motion.
  • Plugs into the outlet and no need for any tape or screws for mounting.
  • Warm LED is easy on the eyes and perfect for nighttime.
  • Motion sensor has a wide-angle detection and is quite sensitive.
  • If you have two receptacles on the outlet, this light will block the other receptacle because of how the plugin pin is positioned.


10. Cloudy Bay LED Indoor Outdoor Step Light

Motion sensor range: Not specified

Auto-off timeout: 60 sec

Power source: Corded plug-in

Mounting option: Screws

 Cloudy Bay 120V Dimmable LED Indoor Outdoor Step Light

The Cloudy LED just consumes 3W power and will give a warm light to illuminate your stair space efficiently. It has an interesting design which makes it perfect for places like stairs, hallways, and other pathways.

While most motion detection stair lights will point light forward or upward. This light is designed in a way that the light shoots downward. So, wherever you mount this on your stairs, it won’t hit your eyes directly.

It doesn’t have many bells and whistles. But the motion sensor does what it is supposed to do. It will turn on automatically when there’s motion in the dark. And turn off when there’s no motion for 1 minute.

The back cover of the light is sturdy and made of metal. So, even it falls it won’t break easily. Though the light is not waterproof, you can use caulking and seal the surface between the light fixture and the mounting surface making it somewhat water-resistant.

The only area of concern is the LEDs might not last for years. But that’s a tradeoff you will need to decide upon.

  • Hardwire setup eliminated the need for batteries.
  • Only uses 3W of power and is still bright enough.
  • Designed to keep the light falling downward to avoid harsh light on the eyes.
  • The back cover is metal and will survive accidental impacts.
  • The quality of the LEDs inside is not the best. So, they might not last for years.


Things to Consider when buying motion sensor lights for stairs

1. Motion sensor modes

Some motion sensor lights are always on auto mode. So, you can’t turn them off if you want to. They will only activate when there’s motion and darkness.

If you want more control, you can look at lights that have multiple motion sensor modes like auto mode, off mode, and On mode.

Lights like the GE Enbrighten have a special motion sensor mode known as motion booster mode that will keep the light at low brightness and boost to higher brightness when there’s motion.

2. Motion sensor range and coverage

The motion sensor range provided by the manufacturer is basically the range limit after which the light will auto turn off. This range may or may not apply to auto turn on.

For example, your motion sensor stair light has a range of 20 ft. So, it will turn off after it detects no motion within 20 ft. But to turn it on, you need to be closer than 20 ft.

This is not a hard rule. Some people will prefer a higher range and others will love to see their light turn off as soon as they pass the light fixture.

3. Light duration after no motion

Your motion sensor-enabled light will turn off after a set time provided there’s no motion. But different light models have different timeout ranges.

Most of you would want a light that will turn off rather fast like within 20-30 sec. In that case, you can try out the Mlabert light that auto switches off after 20 sec.

You can also find lights with an adjustable timeout feature like the Kolandy light. You can switch between 15sec, 130 sec, and 380 sec.

4. Power source: Corded vs battery

For stairs, motion sensor lights are best if they are powered by batteries. You don’t need to spend extra on extending outlets and wiring to power the lights.

Most of the light fixtures we reviewed are battery-powered. A few of them are hard-wired and some can be directly plugged into the outlet.

The downside to batteries is you need to replace them or recharge them after a week or two. And some of you might want to avoid it.

Quality of the LED: brightness and color temperature

Lumens are the factor that you should keep an eye on if you are too concerned about the brightness of your stair lights. You don’t need a super high lumens LED light, but just enough to show your pathway.

The color temperature could be another factor. If you want a more soothing experience go for stair lights that have 3000-4000K color temperature. Over 4000K will give you a more whitish kind of light.

Mounting option

This isn’t the most significant factor but you can still consider it. Most stair lights equipped with motion sensors will come with adhesive tape and sometimes have magnetic tape as well. So, you won’t have to spend too much time on installation.

However, these tapes whether it’s 3M or whatever version, will fail at some point. So, you need to change these tapes later. You can also consider lights with screw mounting options.

FAQ On Motion Sensor Stair Light

1. How Does LED Stair Lights with Motion Sensor Work?

A motion detector stair light detects motion and activates the switch that lights up the light. These sort of motion lights don’t actually see movements. Rather, the sensor senses differences in temperature outside and then signals the light to turn on.

So, these lights will detect efficiently warmer objects like people, children, and pets. Modern motion sensor stair lights will use an electronic switch (semiconductor relay) that will help to turn on the light without any clicking noise.

2. Do I Need To Place A Light On Each Step?

No. If the light you buy is bright enough or spreads light further, you can place lesser lights across your staircase. Small light fixtures will low lumens might need to be placed on each step.

Alternatively, you can get ceiling motion sensor lights and place two to three of them from the top to the bottom of your staircase. That would be good enough to see your stairs clearly.

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3. How High Should Stair Lights Be?

Essentially, stair lights should be placed 15-20 cm high from the bottom of the steps. If you place it too low, the light won’t have space to spread, and too high will diffuse the light further and you will lose vision.

Final Words

Now, it all comes down to deciding which is the best motion sensor stair lights. In terms of quality, practicality, and ease of use, Mr. Beams MB 273 would be our top choice.

But hey, it’s not a closed-end. You can choose any of these motion light models and you won’t be disappointed. Just make sure the light you choose meets your requirements like range, modes, and functionalities.

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