10 Best Battery Operated Ceiling Lights 2023 [No wiring No Hassle]

The problem with regular ceiling lights is you need to spend a lot more money on wiring and electrician bills.

Yeah, you can save more if you buy battery-powered ceiling lights.

But changing batteries can be a pain right?


That’s why we tested lights that are powered by big batteries. So, you will need to change after every 2-6 months.

After going through more than 20 light models, we finally came up with this list of the best battery-operated ceiling lights. Some of them even have motion detection capabilities to prolong the battery life.

Check them out!!!

Top 10 Battery Operated Ceiling Lights For Home

1. TOOWELL Motion Sensor Ceiling Light 

Type of battery: 4 D batteries

Amount of light: 300 lumens

Mounting type: Screws

 TOOWELL Motion Sensor Ceiling Light

Toowell is a beautifully crafted ceiling light that will act as a decorative piece as well as illuminate your space. Its motion sensor function will help you save on battery power.

The reason why Toowell is the best battery-operated ceiling light is that you won’t have to replace batteries in the next 6 months. It uses 4 D batteries which are also easier to remove and replace.

You can choose between two modes. On the daylight mode, motion sensor will activate all day long. Whereas, if you want the motion sensor to activate only during low light conditions, choose night mode.

The motion sensor on this light has a 120-degree detection angle which isn’t bad and also goes off after 20-30 seconds of no motion.

About light, it gives off a white light with a blueish hint. So, the color temperature is between 6000K-6500K. The frosted lamp cover softens the light and also diffuses it nicely.

One thing to note is this light won’t illuminate your entire living room. So, this could work for a small room or a hallway.

  • Easy to switch between daylight and night mode motion sensor.
  • Comes with a frosted cover that softens and diffuses light.
  • Don’t need frequent replacement as one set of batteries will last 6 months.
  • Comes with all the mounting hardware for easy installation.
  • Some users reported that it’s not as bright as expected to illuminate an entire living room.


2. BIGLIGHT Battery Operated Wireless LED Ceiling Light

Type of battery: 3 C batteries

Amount of light: 300 lumens

Mounting type: Screws

BIGLIGHT Battery Operated Wireless LED Ceiling Light

The Biglight ceiling light has a lot of bells and whistles that are effective. It has changeable colors that you can control using the remote. At 300 lumens, it’s a sufficiently bright light to illuminate a small to medium space.

The remote that comes with this light has 24 keys. So, you can change between 12 colors, choose different lighting modes and also adjust brightness. You can also control 6 of these lights together using only one remote.

It uses 3C batteries which you will have to buy separately. These batteries won’t last like D batteries but still will go on for 2-3 months. If you want you can also get rechargeable C batteries to save more costs.

To mount the light, you can use the provided screws. You will need to use a drill for installation, but this can be done alone and you won’t need an electrician for wiring or mounting. Some users have also managed to mount this using two sets of 3M tapes.

The white light among the 12 colors is quite bright and most users didn’t bother to change the colors. The other colors available aren’t much bright and are only suitable for ambiance and party occasions.

  • Easy to change colors and brightness with the remote.
  • Control up to 6 lights with a single remote..
  • Set the timer to auto off the light between 1-4 hours.
  • Permanent mounting with screws and 3M tape can also be used for temporary mounting.
  • Light colors other than white aren’t too bright and are usable for only aesthetic appeal.


3. LUXSWAY Wireless Ceiling Light

Battery type: 3 D batteries

Amount of light: 300 lumens

Mounting: Tape or Screws

LUXSWAY Wireless Ceiling Light

Luxsway is one of the best battery-operated wireless ceiling lights with remote control. Apart from having the benefits of a motion sensor function, you can also control it from another room.

The motion sensor can be activated using the remote and it will detect motion within 18 feet range. The detection works only in darkness and will auto turn off after 20 seconds of no motion. What stands apart is you can also turn off the motion detector if you want to use it as a regular light.

We were highly impressed by the remote as it uses RF technology instead of IR commonly found in LED lights. Even if you are in the next room and the door is closed, you can still control the light.

As for the light, it has two color temperatures. For a warmer and gentle glow, use 3000K, and if you want crisp and bright light go for 8000K. Moreover, you can even adjust the brightness as you like.

Although the light isn’t waterproof, some users reported that they have used it in the shower with no loss of functionality. If there’s no direct contact with water, steam and moisture might not cause any issues.

The only thing to consider is if you are buying more than one of these lights, turning off one light will turn off the second one too. Make sure the lights are more than 80 ft away from each other to prevent the RF signal clash.

  • Wirelessly control the light from any room using the RF remote.
  • Option to choose between warm and crisp white color.
  • You can choose to turn off the motion sensor and use it as a regular light.
  • Can be used in the shower if there’s no direct contact with water.
  • Turning off one light will also turn off another light if you have it in the 80 ft range. This can be annoying.


4. Energizer Motion Activated LED Ceiling Light

Type of battery: 4 D batteries

Amount of light: 300 lumens

Mounting type: Screws

 Energizer Motion Activated LED Ceiling Light

The Energizer ceiling light is perfect for those who want to save on battery power as it has an effective motion sensor. It would be ideal to use inside the closet, basements, laundry room, and even staircases.

The motion sensor on this light has a 360-degree detection angle. So, whether you stand in front of it, in the back, or by the sides, it can still detect you. And when you leave, it will turn off automatically after 15 seconds.

This light has an intensity of 300 lumens. This is enough for most basements or closet areas. It gives off a nice warmer light that’s also easier on the eyes.

To mount this you need to use the screws. We don’t recommend using 3M tapes because of how heavy they can get when using 4 D batteries.

Keep in mind, that this light isn’t recommended to use in places where there is steam or too much moisture. So, using it in the bathroom isn’t an option.

  • Motion detector has a 360 angle which means it’s more efficient in detecting movements.
  • Warmer color tone is ideal for nighttime as it won’t disturb sleep.
  • Needs less frequent battery replacement as bigger D batteries are used.
  • It’s not suitable to use in the bathroom as it’s not made to resist steam and moisture.


5. Sensor Brite Overlite Wireless Motion-Activated Ceiling Light

Type of battery: 3 AA batteries

Mounting type: Tape and screws

 Sensor Brite Overlite Wireless Motion-Activated Ceiling Light

If you have been looking for the best battery-powered ceiling light that can be mounted anywhere, Sensor Brite is the one to get. It’s lightweight and the included sticky tapes make it easy to install.

It’s not a large ceiling light like a lot of others on this list. However, it’s got great features. The motion sensor works great and will detect any motion within 10 ft with a 120 degrees field of view.

To keep the unit lightweight, it is powered by 3 AA batteries. So, you can easily mount this with the included 3M double-sided tape. It also has holes to use screws but the mounting hardware doesn’t come with it.

The quality of the LED light is great. It will emit at 6500K which is pretty close to daylight. Considering the size of the light, it’s more suitable for illuminating small spaces inside your home.

One of the best things about Sensor Brite is it can resist moisture. So, this could be perfect for bathrooms and basements.

  • Lightweight light that can be mounted anywhere with sticky tape.
  • Motion sensor function saves battery life.
  • It also has an option for permanent mounting with screws.
  • Suitable to use in the bathroom as it can resist moisture.
  • The mounting hardware for permanent installation isn’t included.


6. Youtob Battery Powered LED Ceiling Light

Type of Battery: 3 D batteries

Amount of light: 200 lumens

Mounting Type: anchored with a bracket slot

 Youtob Battery Powered LED Ceiling Light

Youtob LED Ceiling light is one of the best battery-operated ceiling lights for those looking for versatility and changeable colors. This LED light is bright enough to enlighten a medium to big room.

It will offer you the same experience as a 40 watt incandescent bulb when it’s set on its 100% brightness level. However, it’s fully dimmable. Meaning that, you can dim the brightness from 25 to 100%, and so can adjust the color temperature from cool to warm. That’s a rare feature to find in ceiling lights, right?

This Youtob LED light has 13 colors and 3 lighting modes to make the perfect ambient. Besides this light features a memory function. So, it will remember the last mode you set before turning it off. That saves you from the hassle of setting it afresh every time you turn it on.

The built-in motion sensor works so well that it can sense very little movements and immediately turns the light on. But if you have pets at home, this light will allow you to set the night mode off for your convenience.

  • The light is fully dimmable and allows you to control the color temperature and brightness both.
  • Amazingly sensitive motion sensor can detect even a small movement and turns the light on immediately.
  • Comes with a splash proof protection which makes it perfect for outdoor and bathroom use.
  • The sliding mechanism is not secured enough and has a risk of sliding out of its bracket slot.


7. Lineway Motion Sensor LED Ceiling Light

Type of Battery: 4 AA batteries

Amount of light: 180 Lumen

Mounting Type: Double-Sided tape and screw mounting

 Lineway Motion Sensor LED Ceiling Light

The Lineway motion sensor LED ceiling light is a great light. It offers longevity more than any other motion sensor LED ceiling light you will find on the market.

Even if you run the battery for an average of 8-10 hours per day, you can expect to enjoy a long 3-months period without purchasing any battery replacement.

However, you gotta choose the right type of battery to enjoy the full brightness of this light. And our recommendation is to use lithium batteries to get the best results.

If you turn the switch to AUTO mode, the motion sensor will be activated and the light will turn on. It will automatically go off after 20 seconds of no motion detection.

But it might feel annoying when you stay still and are working on something and the light goes off automatically. In that case, you can turn the switch on to keep the light constantly on.

  • This power saving light offers you a longer-lasting battery life than most other battery operated lights.
  • It features an On and Off switch for easy operation.
  • The motion sensor works fairly well and you can turn the sensor off as well.
  • The On/Off switch is a bit flimsy and hard to set it up to the desired position.


8. Starxing Ceiling Light

Type of Battery: 3 D type batteries

Amount of light: 280 Lumen

Mounting Type: ‎Nano-adhesive tape, or Ceiling Mount with screws

Starxing Ceiling Light

If you are one of those people who avoid making holes in the walls of their houses, the Starxing Ceiling Light is the perfect ceiling light for you. This light is lightweight and can be attached with adhesive tape or the screws that come with it.

Since the D type batteries are known to last longer than the AAA type batteries, you can expect a long use of these puck lights. It consumes less power than most other battery powered lights.

What makes it one of the best battery operated ceiling lights is its wide application and versatility. This light is battery-powered, it has a DC-USB power cord as a secondary power option.

Besides, you can dim the light and set a timer using its wireless remote control. You can set the color temperature to create a mood with this light too. Overall it’s a great choice.

  • This light requires no fixed installation as the nano-adhesive tape allows you to install and dismount whenever needed.
  • It has a secondary power option which is a DC-USB power cord option besides battery power option.
  • Features a wireless remote control that includes dimmer and timer options.
  • The light automatically turns off within 4H of inactivity.
  • It doesn’t have the motion sensor feature which means you either have to leave it on or off in the night time.


9. CLOUDY BAY Battery Powered Motion Sensor Ceiling Light

Type of Battery:  4 AA batteries

Amount of light: 200 lumen

Mounting Type: Ceiling Mount

 CLOUDY BAY Battery Powered Motion Sensor Ceiling Light

The CLOUDY BAY ceiling light is a great ceiling light to illuminate a bedroom, an attic, staircases, corridor or a hallway. In short, its sleek design suits any decor and any room.

This light produces a very bright light. And it allows you to choose from three color temperature options (3000K/4000K/5000K)  with a switch in the fixtures. It doesn’t feature changeable RGB colors, dimmer or timer options to offer you ease, versatility and the convenience to create an ambient atmosphere. But, it serves its purpose, which is enlightening a dark place.

Its smart motion sensor will detect any movement within a 16-feet range. And whenever it will detect any motion the light will automatically turn on and it will again go off after 20 seconds of no movements.

This auto on and off option along with lesser features ensure a long-lasting battery life. Overall, if you don’t need the dimmer and timer options for your use, this light is worth your money.

  • It has a motion detector with the range of 16feet which catches movement for a distance.
  • Catches movements and automatically turns the light on immediately and again turns off after 20 seconds of no motion detection.
  • Produces very bright light with 3 selectable color temperature options.
  • It doesn’t feature any dimmer or timer options.


10. BIGMONAT Wireless Ceiling Light

Type of Battery: 3 C batteries

Amount of light: 300 lumen

Mounting Type: Ceiling mount with screws

 BIGMONAT Battery Operated Shower Light

If you are looking for battery-operated ceiling lights for your living room, give this BIG MONAT ceiling light a go. Its unique shape fixture and tons of amazing features give you the freedom to create a suitable atmosphere for your living room.

This light comes with a RF remote control. This 80 feet range remote control offers much convenience when you feel lazy or get indulged in your favorite TV shows. You don’t have to walk on your feet just to adjust the light.

It has a great ranged motion sensor which you can turn off if you don’t want the lights to turn on with every movement. There is a dimmer and a timer option for you too. With all the great features, 80,000 hours lifespan and a RF remote control this light makes the best choice for anyone.

  • It features a long range remote which allows you to control the light from a good distance of 80 feet.
  • Its motion detector works within the range of 18 feet.
  • The light offers longevity with an 80,000-hours lifespan.
  • The motion sensor of this light sometimes goes crazy and doesn’t function properly.

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Things to Consider When Buying Battery Operated Ceiling Lights

1. The types of battery required for operation

In most battery-operated LED ceiling lights, you will find D batteries. These batteries are used because they can run for an extended period of time without any loss of power.

As D batteries are larger in size, you can expect them to last a long time. So, you will need to replace them less often, probably after a month or so.

The downside of these batteries is they make the ceiling lights heavy. On average, a D battery weighs 160-180 grams. So, it becomes impractical to mount the lights with sticky tape.

Only a few ceiling lights use AA batteries. Although these batteries keep the weight of the lights low, they need to be replaced often. The upside is you can use sticky tapes to mount your ceiling lights.

Like most people, if you hate replacing batteries every 2-3 weeks, it’s best to go with a ceiling light that uses D batteries.

2. Mounting mechanism

The best and the most secured mounting option for ceiling lights is screws. Most lights will come with all the mounting hardware and all you need to do is make a few holes in your ceiling.

If your ceiling light doesn’t come with screws, you will need to buy it separately. But make sure it has the holes for the screws.

Some lights might come with sticky 3M tapes. This makes installation a lot easier.

If you want you can mount any ceiling light with sticky tapes. But you need to check if the tape can take the weight of the light.

For safety, it’s recommended to screw your ceiling light and make it a permanent fixture.

3. Availability of motion sensor

Although motion sensor is not a mandatory feature in ceiling light, it’s definitely helpful.

Think of installing ceiling lights in your basement, pathways, stairs, and other dark corners where you don’t need light all the time.

In these places, having a motion sensor means you can save energy and the light only turns on when you approach the area.

In some cases, motion sensor can be annoying. Because a lot of models don’t have an on/off switch for the motion sensor. So, when you need it to light up all the time, you don’t have that option.

Check out Luxsway wireless light as you can turn off its motion sensor feature when not required.

4. Color temperature

Color temperature can be a decisive factor when buying any light. Some people like it too white and should look for lights with over 4000K color temperature.

If you want a warmer and gentle light, 3000-4000K color temperature should be your top choice. You can find certain models that may have multiple color temperatures and others with just a single color light.

5. Water-resistant capability

Keep in mind, that this list isn’t dedicated to water-resistant ceiling lights. Yet, a few of them can handle moisture and water splashing to some extent.

If you are looking to install these lights in areas where water might directly pour into the light, then these aren’t for you. However, you can use a lot of them inside your bathroom or basement.

Conclusion and Editor’s Choice

Lighting is an essential factor when it comes to decorating your house. Besides the home fixtures, you need so many various types of lights to bring out the best outlook. 

Battery-operated lights are extremely handy for such additional lighting. That’s why it’s very important to choose and buy the best battery-operated ceiling lights for the space you want to illuminate. And this post hopefully will serve your needs. 

Amongst all of these ten best ceiling lights, our recommended one is the TOOWELL Motion Sensor Ceiling Light. It’s easy to operate and produces 

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