10 Best Lighting Options for Low Sloped Ceiling In 2023

Sloped ceilings are although a little rare to find but not so rare as well. This type of ceiling may seem problematic to design the interior and beautify your house.

But, if decorated and enlightened in the right manner, a sloped ceiling can add an artistic view to your home. It can completely change the entire interior of your house.


We found out that many people having a sloped ceiling struggle with choosing the best lighting options for their low sloped ceiling. So, we have spent hours researching for the best lighting for low sloped ceilings.

And our testing and analysis brought up some amazing lights to decorate your low sloped ceiling. You can easily turn this perplexing area into your most favorite corner of the house with these lights.

But before that we want to share a bit of our knowledge on the types of lights that can suit best with the sloped ceiling area.

Lighting Options Suitable for Installation on Sloped Ceilings

Sloped ceilings are fun. It allows you to try out many experiments with it. There are several lighting options that suit the sloped ceilings. 

However, when it comes to a lower sloped ceiling you can’t help but be a little picky. Here are five best suited lighting options for a low sloped ceiling.

1. Track Lighting

Track lighting is the method of lighting a long space or a hallway with a few lights attached on a continuous track like wooden rails. The adaptability of track lighting makes it a perfect choice to install on an angled ceiling. 

2. Cable Lighting

Cable lighting technique is similar to the track lighting techniques, but a little more flexible. Low-voltage lights are connected in a row using conductive tensioned cables. It’s a high-tech lighting arrangement that can make your sloped ceiling stand out in the entire space around. 

3. Recessed Lights or Can Lights

The most suitable lighting option for a low ceiling is recessed lighting or can lighting. This type of lights are engraved into the walls or closely attached to it. It might be a little hassle to install since it needs you to cut holes into the walls. However, the output is worth it all. 

4. Pendant Lights 

Pendant lights look beautiful when installed in the right place. The higher pick of a low sloped ceiling is the most suitable place to install a pendant light. It will be the highlight of your ceiling that will instantly snatch away the sight of the visitors. 

5. Chandeliers 

A Chandelier is just like the pendant light, but a little gorgeous. A pendant light is usually a single fixture whereas a chandelier is a combination of several fixtures for other small bulbs.

A chandelier is a great pick to install on the peak of a sloped ceiling. It adds a luxurious feel to the decoration. But, it’s not always suitable for a low sloped ceiling since it hangs down from the ceiling. But if you can match the right size and shape with your décor, it can be the showstopper of the house. 

Product Name
LNC Adjustable Track Lighting
Tiella Surface Track Lighting
ANTILISHA Chandelier Lighting
Yisuro 3d Glass Pendant Light
Sunco Lighting

Sunco LED Lighting
HMVPL Semi Flush Light

10 Best Lighting for Low Sloped Ceiling -2023 Guide

1. LNC Adjustable Track Ceiling Spotlight

LNC Adjustable Track Lighting

Track lights are the most suitable option for a low sloped ceiling. It’s easily adjustable along the edge of the slope.

We have picked LNC adjustable track lighting as the best lighting for low sloped ceilings for its convenient features. This Track light comes with a wooden canopy which is attached to the ceiling with the help of an attached metal mounting plate. You can fit it on a low ceiling anywhere in the house.

The light fixture only supports E26 type light bases and it has a maximum power capacity of 60 Watt. Alongside, the rotatable fixture heads allow you to illuminate different focal points on the walls.

You can use a variety of lights including an LED, CFL, incandescent, or a filament bulb. But try not to mix different types of bulbs at once. Use the same bulb for all three fixtures at a time for a safer usage.

  • Allows you to create multiple focal points.
  • Adds up a rustic style to your interior.
  • 270° rotatable fixture heads. You can install it anywhere in the house.

  • The wood finish is not satisfactory according to some users.


2. Tiella 800CBL5PN Low Volt Surface Track Lighting

 Tiella 800CBL5PN, Accent Electronic Low Volt Surface Track Lighting Kits

The second pick in our list is a monorail lighting kit. Monorails or cable lighting are even more adjustable than the usual track lights.

If you are looking for something that will enlighten the room from a sloped ceiling without grabbing all attention towards it, this is the perfect option for you. This cable lighting kit is almost invisible onto the ceiling.

It has 5 circular shaped light heads with a 20 watt maximum power capacity for each. The heads can tilt and rotate up and down. So you can enlighten the ceiling and the area beneath with the same lighting kit.

  • Adjustable heads can tilt between the cables and rotate 120° within the rings.
  • Cables will drop up to 2″ below the ceiling which makes it a great light for low ceilings.
  • The kit comes with five lights.

  • The stock bulbs are very dim which is good enough for most people. But if you want it brighter or dimmable, you may need to purchase bulbs separately.


3. Ascher  LED Track Lighting

 Ascher 6-Light LED Track Lighting Kit

Our next addition is another track light but with a little twist. The Ascher 6-Fixture LED Track Lighting Kit is your best bet if you have a large room with a sloped ceiling. 

The feature that makes this light unique is its multi-angle illumination design. All the 6 light heads are adjustable. The track with two lamp arms is fully rotatable, both vertically and horizontally. This gives you the flexibility of illuminating any corner in any direction. 

All the bulbs are included and each is a 4-wattage LED light. The lights are not dimmable like some LED lights feature.

However, the lights are pretty bright as it is supposed to emit 5000k bright daylight white light from this track lighting kit. That makes Ascher LED Track Lighting Kit a great lighting option for studio apartments that have a low and angled ceiling.

  • Fully adjustable lighting track allows illuminating at different angles.
  • It’s easy to install and dismount.
  • Replaceable bulbs allow you to install bulbs of your preference.
  • Non-fading matte black metal finish offers a classy look to any decor with longevity.
  • The lights are smaller than the picture shows according to some users. However, it’s pretty bright for the size.


4. ANTILISHA Modern Crystal Chandelier Lighting

 ANTILISHA Modern Crystal Chandelier Lighting

Chandeliers are the go-to for decorating a sloped ceiling. But while choosing a chandelier for a low sloped one, it becomes difficult.

Before choosing any light for a low sloped ceiling you need to consider where the light will stand below the ceiling. So, we chose the ANTILISHA modern crystal chandelier lighting for a low and angled ceiling for its adjustable height.

You can give this ANTILISHA chandelier any shapes like a 3-tier circular shape, orbital sphere shape, irregular circle shape etc. and adjust its height between 11.8” to 47.2”. So, it won’t matter how low your ceiling is, you can shape it likewise.

But, its light source is non-dimmable, built-in, cool white LED lights. So, you cannot change the light or its temperature.

  • Adjustable height makes it suitable for any height ceilings, low or high.
  • You can change the shape of your chandelier using the three bendable tiers.
  • Sparkly simple and modern design suits any decor.
  • A little heavy and difficult to install.


5. Drosbey 36W LED Ceiling Light

 Drosbey 36W LED Ceiling Light

If you are looking for a power saver LED light for a room with a low sloped ceiling, this is the perfect fit. This 36W low power consumption light saves energy to a great extent which is eco-friendly and sustainable.

Its sleek design and shape makes it a perfect choice to install in a low sloped ceiling as it won’t hang further below and can illuminate an entire big room with its 36W, 5000k bright light. So, in case you are looking for something functional rather than for decorative purposes only, we have enlisted this scone light for your angled sloped ceiling.

Since this light cannot be tilted like the Sunco LED Light in our list, you cannot create an accent light with this one. But, this light works great as the main source of light in a fairly large room.

  • Saves up to 70% electricity which makes it suitable for everyday use, not on just occasional days.
  • It’s dimmable which allows you to adjust the brightness as you need.
  • Designed with safety protection function to prevent electric shock and leakage.
  • Comes with a 6-years warranty which ensures of a longer lifespan.
  • Installation of this light is quite complicated and needs some extra nuts and screws, different from the regular fixture screws.


6. ZGLAOJT  Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light

 ZGLAOJT 6-Lights Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light

ZGLAOJT 6-Lights Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light is a modern chandelier that can be installed anywhere in the house. But if you hang it from an attic, the outlook will just blow up your mind.

You can either use E26 LED bulbs or Edison Bulbs with this chandelier base. Unfortunately, the package doesn’t include the bulbs, so you need to buy your bulbs. There’s no dimmer with this bulb but you can purchase and install it additionally.

The look of this modern chandelier is very classy. Besides, it almost snuggles with the ceiling which makes it a great piece of chandelier for dropped ceiling, low sloped ceiling or attics.

  • Compatible for Edison bulbs and E26 LED bulbs, supports additional dimmer.
  • Modern outlook suits perfectly with any modern decor.
  • The light base is snuggly which makes it a great choice for low sloped ceilings.
  • Assembly and installation of this piece may seem like a torture, compared with any other lights, it requires additional wiring and a lot of effort.
  • Light heads are not rotatable which means you cannot change the light direction.


7. Yisuru 3d Glass Pendant Light

Yisuru 3d Glass Pendant Light

If you fall under that category of people whose eyes just get stuck on artistic décor pieces. No worries. We got you covered.

The solid chrome interior of this pendant light makes it look like a mirrored-surface globe. Right the moment you turn the light on, the magic happens.

Its mesmerizing design gives you a completely different aesthetic with different lights. You can play with changing the light temperature from cool to neutral and warm. You can also use color changing lights for more fun.

It’s easy to install and has an adjustable cord. It gives you the freedom to adjust its height up to 47inches. This feature makes this the best lighting for low sloped ceilings for sure.

However, this glass pendant light measures about 8 inch in diameter. It’s a fairly big pendant light. So before purchasing one or more of it, you should crosscheck about its positioning.

  • Showcases a magical glass design combined with the Chrome-plated interior glass.
  • Its adjustable cord allows you to determine your required length of the light.
  • One single piece of these offers various looks with various lights.
  • Compatible with different types of bulbs including incandescent, CFL, halogen.

  • From our research we have noted the fact that the glass is fairly thin. So, it might be fragile.


8. Sunco 12 Pack Lighting

 Sunco Lighting

Recessed lights are another best lighting option for a low ceiling. But installing can lights you need pre-made holes in your ceiling walls. This 12 piece set is best for people who haven’t yet built the house or are planning to renovate it.

Sunco can lights are also compatible with the joist type ceilings. The extended bar hangers of these lights can be adjusted between 13 to 25 inches.

These IC rated Sunco can lights claim to be compatible with the ceilings surrounded by insulation. However a user has mentioned that the wirings got damaged immediately after he applied spray foam insulation.

  • Can be installed in an insulated ceiling.
  • IC rated can lights, doesn’t overheat and cause a fire.
  • Can fit in between the exposed joists of a low ceiling.
  • UL & TITLE 24 certified and offers a 10 years warranty.
  • Built-in dimmable LED retrofit.
  • One customer reported that its wiring damages when it comes in contact with the spray foam insulation. So, if you are planning on using it then better avoid these lights.
  • A little hard to install in between the joists if the gaps don’t match.


9. Sunco LED Lighting

 Sunco Lighting LED

It’s another  can light from the same manufacturer, but with a little twist. This can light is a gimbal light.

You can tilt the light up to 45° that makes it a perfect accent light to decorate both the sidewalls and the ceiling. You can bring a huge transformation to the look of a low sloped ceiling using these gimbaled can lights.

Unlike regular can lights, these Sunco eyeball lights will not shine directly on the floor. You can change its focus however you wish. This itself makes this energy saving bring yet recessed light worth giving a shot.

  • Great directional accent lights. It allows you to change the highlight spots.
  • The gimbal trim can swivel in a whole 360° and tilt the light up to 45° angle.
  • Comes with a 12 Watt LED light that is equivalent to a 60 watt light.
  • Includes a detachable E26 adapter for installing in a traditional 6 inch can.
  • Features seamless dimming retrofit.
  • A few have mentioned that the springs are quite tight which made the tilting hard, but others were just fine.


10. HMVPL Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light

 HMVPL Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture

A black farmhouse light is classic and always in fashion. If you want to add a vintage vibe to your interior, there’s no better lighting option than a semi-flush light.

The HMVPL Semi-Flush Light is such a perfect fit for those who have a low sloped ceiling. It almost snugs with the ceiling and enlightens the surface below the light. So, you can highlight a decorative item by putting it beneath the light.

This flush-light features a UL standard E26 bulb socket. And it’s compatible with any type of bulb within 60 watts and an E26 light base.

This light runs with a corded-electric power source. So, you would have to install it by yourself. Although all the required accessories come with it.

  • Can be snugly mounted on the ceiling.
  • Gives a rustic and vintage vibe to your interior.
  • Creates a dome like light which is great for spot highlighting.
  • Some users have complained that the necessary nuts and screws were missing.


Buying Guide For Best Lights For Angled & Sloped Ceiling

1. Type of Lights

The first thing to be sure about is exactly what type of light you are going to use for decorating your sloped ceiling. We already have mentioned several types of lighting options that go great with a low sloped ceiling. 

So, you can either choose only one option or a combination of different types of lights.

2. Adaptability 

An angled ceiling is a little tough space to play with. So, before installing your chosen light, watch whether it matches the track of the slope in an eye-pleasing manner. 

For example, if you are buying a track light, then you need to measure the length of the track and check whether your sloped ceiling has an even and continuous track (slop) for it. 

If you are getting a chandelier then you need to measure the height and surrounding area where you want to place it first. With that consideration, a chandelier like the ANTILISHA Chandelier, the one with an adjustable cord seems the most perfect option for a low sloped ceiling.

3. Type of Fixtures

There are different types of fixtures of lights. The basic difference is in the screw system and the point system of the holder. But if you dig deeper, there is more to learn.

Some lights are free-hanging which are easy to install anywhere. You don’t need any adapters for these types of fixtures. 

But some come with a fixed point fixture. So, depending on that you might need a suitable adapter to fit the light into your existing point or fixture. 

To avoid any unwanted hassles ahead, always check for the fixtures and the lamp base while choosing the best lighting for low sloped ceilings.

4. Voltage and Wattage

Various lights and their fixtures come with various voltage and wattage capacities. Most of the lights available in the market come with a fixture that would have a usual household voltage power, 120V or lesser. 

It shouldn’t be a problem to work with your household fixtures. But if you need a different type of fixture for a particular light or buy a light that comes with fixtures, always check for the voltage and wattage capacity of it. If you buy two different fixtures to combine in one connection, then always make sure that they come with the same voltage fixtures.


Are All Types And Shapes Of Chandeliers Suitable For A Sloped Ceiling?

No, you can’t just buy any random chandelier and hang it on your sloped ceiling, especially if it’s a low and angled ceiling. You need to consider the height and shape of the chandelier to complement the ceiling peak. 

Besides, there are two types of chandeliers, free-hanging and fixed point chandeliers. So, you also should look for which one will suit best. 

How Many Recessed Lights Should Be Installed On A Sloped Ceiling?

There are no restrictions for the number of can lights or recessed lights to install on a ceiling. All you need to consider is the area of the ceiling you need to enlighten. Based on that you can decide on how many can lights will evenly cover the area. If your chosen can lights are bigger in size, then it will take fewer in number and vice versa. You can install as many as it needs for your desired aesthetic look.

Are All Fixtures Of The Track Lighting Tracks Similar?

No, not all fixtures of the track lighting tracks are universal. These fixtures vary in voltage powers, fixture types, and number of fixtures in the track. So, if you are planning on combining two different track lighting tracks, then you should always check and match up the voltages of the two.

How Should You Place A Pendant Light On A Sloped Ceiling?

It solely depends on how you want the end look of the room or ceiling where you are hanging it. Although pendant lights are usually sold in single pieces. However, depending on the type of the pendant light and how you want to decorate, you can add up more than one. Additionally, check for whether it’s a free-hanging one or one with a fixed point.

Final Words

If you can choose the right lighting technique, you can make radical changes in any corner of your house. Angled ceilings often suppress the overall outlook of the house solely for a wrong choice of lighting options.

With the best lighting for low sloped ceilings that we shortlisted and reviewed, you can change the decor however you want to change. You can choose one technique or more together to achieve a desired look. 

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