Do LED Lights Attract Silverfish?- Let’s Revealed The Myth about LED & Bugs

Silverfish are very small, wingless creatures that are very fast and quite hard to catch. Mostly you’ll find them in washrooms, dark, warm or moist places.


The big question: Do silverfish attract LED lights?

No, it is quite the opposite actually. Silverfish live in dark, humid areas and avoid living near any lights including LEDs. If there is light, they will try to vanish from that place as soon as possible and find a dark place suitable for them. They easily hide in our rooms or other dark places.

Why Do We See More Silverfish in Our Home?

Most of us are habitual to use the washroom at night, but whenever I go to the washroom at night, I notice silverfish on the walls. 

Then wondering is the LED bulbs of the bathroom actually the main reason behind it? So I did some research to know the truth, and here is what I found.

Silverfish bugs are attracted to humid places, a moist environment between 75% to 95% relative humidity. That’s why we mostly find them in dump places like in the bathroom, kitchen closer to the sink and other dark places.

Well, They come to European countries from tropical countries and live in humid places where ventilation is improper. So if there are ventilation issues or a dirty, moist and dark place in your home, you may see more silverfish.

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Can LED lights Help to Remove Silverfish From Home?

Yes,” silverfish do not like to live in bright places where light remains for most of the time. So if you keep your LED lights turned on most of the time, then you may experience a reduction in the number of silverfish in your home.

Do silverfish like LED lights?

Not at all. LED lights may attract other bugs, but it is not right to say that LED lights also attract silverfish, that’s for sure. You may see more bugs when LED lights are on, but it does not mean it attracts silverfish.

The truth is………..

Bugs are attracted with light colors and the LED lights emitting short-wavelength light colors such as white, etc. But silverfish are not attracted by lights, and they prefer to live in dark and moist places.

How Can I Get Rid of Silverfish Using LED Bulbs?

Using pesticides to get rid-of silverfish, but it is not a good way.

Pesticides can harm and are also risky. But if you see many silverfish in your home, no worry, there are simple ways to get rid of silverfish. 

Will silverfish go away on their own? Here are some simple tricks that may help you.

  • Keep your LED lights switched on because silverfish attract towards dark places. Arrange lights at dark places and continuously use LED lights; it may help remove them from a dark place.
  • As you know, silverfish also attract moist places. Ensure you have dried the moist places in your home. If you truly want to remove silverfish, make sure the house is dry.
  • The Final solution is to arrange the proper ventilation. Because silverfish love to live in improper ventilated areas, they may shift from there by arranging proper ventilation.
  •  Do not leave food residuals in your kitchen that also attract silverfish. So properly store food residuals in airtight containers.
  • After taking a bath, properly close the null and also check no leakage of water. Keep the door and exhaust open for proper ventilation.

Is Silverfish Harmful to Us?

Silverfishes are not harmful like other bugs for humans; they are completely safe. 

Silverfish do not cause any disease and are neutral to humans. They do not bite humans like mosquitoes or other bugs because they do not like to suck blood.

………..though the appearance of this fishlike wingless insect makes us sick.

They prefer to live in places people cannot access, such as in cracks or dark places. They eat food residuals. So do not feel frightened if you see silverfish in your home.

Do silverfish damage materials?

Mostly they are safe because they do not cause any harm to humans. But sometimes some material damages are found, such as the attack on books, pipe insulation, leather items, clothing and wallpapers. They may also damage your food.

The Bottom line?

If you hear that LED lights attract the bugs, then it is right to some extent but not for the silverfish. Because silverfish do not like to live in bright areas, they love to live in dark, moist and warm places.

And Yeah, LED lights may help you to remove silverfish from your home. SO, It is a wrong statement if you hear it from anyone or see some random tik toks. 

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