Do LED Lights Attract Spiders? (Answered by Entomologists)

Nothing sucks like facing the eight glittering eyes staring at you in the Dark!!!!

You guessed that right- Talking about SPIDERS!!!!!!!

We all face this at least once in our life, right?


I have Arachnophobia (spider phobia)…….So you can imagine my situation.

I notice most of the time, I see this little yet terrifying insect in the bathroom & under the 

LED bulbs.

It makes me curious to find the mystery behind this; why bathroom!!!! So did a resource- Do LED lights attract spiders?

According to Entomologists- Spiders may be seen closer to LED lights, but lamb is not the primary reason. It is because bugs and insects are attracted to LEDs & spiders come closer to bulbs in search of food.

Are Spiders Attracted to Led Lights?

Maybe the LED light has some impact, but spiders are not very attracted to lights and make their shelter in dark places.

Be broad and think of some comprehensive approach.

It is not a matter of light; it is a circle of the food chain. Spiders came closer to LED lights for the only reason to get their food, such as bugs, insects, or other small creatures.

And the real deal is:

The short wavelength lights between 300 to 420 nanometers attract more insects, so more spiders come close to eating bugs.

So when there were more insects, spiders came there in search of food. They do not need to make much effort in the lights and can get enough food directly with ease.

You can also see that by installing the higher wavelength lights that repel the insects and bugs & an excellent home remedy to keep insects away including spiders.

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How Do You Keep Spiders Out of LED Lights?

Wait……..Do you also have an intense fear of spiders like me?

Here are some smart solutions to remove spiders from your home with the help of LED strips.

Step 1:

  • Turn off the light.
  • Remove it.
  • Clean it and then after a couple of minutes.
  • Reinstall that LED light.

Step 2: Take a non-abrasive scrubbing brush and clean the space around you, but keep LED lights off.

Step 3: Clean the glue with a brush; if you face a problem, you can heat the glue to melt it and then remove it.

Step 4: If you do not have time to heat the glue, you can also use citrus-based adhesive to remove glue, and it will also help keep bugs away, which leads to fewer spiders.

Step 5: Once you have done cleaning, remove all the residuals of bugs and spiders with a vacuum cleaner or duster. Ensure there are no remaining parts of insects or bugs; otherwise, you will see spiders repeatedly even LED lights are off.

Step 6: If you see more insects and spiders again, installing the LED bulbs that emit higher wavelength lights such as yellowish, red or pinkish light is better. It will repel bugs and insects that will also reduce the number of spiders.

Trust me. It’ll all be worth it.

Do Spiders Attract Certain Colors?

There is another myth roaming here & there- Some Bulb colors attract more spiders, but others do not.

Is it really true?

No, the reason is that insects attract more towards short-wavelength lights such as white and blue lights.

And usually, live away from higher wavelength lights such as red etc.

So the reason could be that more insects are available for food in short-wavelength lights, so spiders also come for more food. But in high wavelength lights, there are no insects or bugs, so spiders also do not come close.

What about light colors? Do light colors have any impact on spiders & silverfish?

You may see the variation in several spiders in different light colors. Light colors such as white, yellow, and orange are favorite insects that attract more insects and, ultimately, spiders.

But the colors like orange, red, pinkish, and yellowish do not attract insects much, and ultimately, you will see fewer spiders. And Are spiders attracted to green LED lights? Well, Wolf spiders are really into green & Ultra-violet colors.

Can Spiders Harm me? And How Can I Get Rid of Them?

Sometimes when spiders are in danger, they may bite you. But they do not inject any poisonous chemical, but it is very rare.

Having spiders in your home is not harmful to you or your health, but it may create bad smells. It may damage your food, so it is better to keep them away from home.

It is better to make sure there are no openings or cracks; if seen, close them properly. You opened doors and windows could also be the reason for spiders’ entry into your home.

Let me show you some of the cautions I follow to be away from spiders:

  • Make sure you bring clean boxes, and there are no spiders hidden inside the boxes.
  • Plants also could be the reason to bring spiders home unconsciously. So, whenever you bring any new item to your home, check’em out & make sure they are spiders-free.
  • Spiders also attract dark, dirty, dusty, and moist places. You can also reduce their number by arranging proper lights, ventilation, and drying the moist places.
  • Keep places clean and do proper cleanliness. You should remove the spiders’ webs immediately when you see, mostly they make their webs in corners or dark places.
  • Citrus scents are also a good repellent for spiders; you can also use citrus scent to remove spiders.
  • Your LED lights can also help you to stop spiders’ entry.
  • Replace LED lights with dark colors like red or yellowish to restrict the bugs, insects, and spiders.


The Bottom Line?

Spiders do not show much response against the lights, except the food is available excessively under the lights. Lights that attract insects may also attract the spiders, but only food and not the LED lights.

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