What LED Light Color Helps You Focus?

Lights colors that have short wavelengths like blue and green are best for focus, productivity, alertness, and calmness. These colors suppress your sleep hormones and instantly amplify your focus.

While different LED light colors serve different purposes, you can choose to use either Green or Blue color LED light colors when you are working or reading.


Green for long hours of focused work and Blue for intensive work.

Here are the facts that support our claim!

Short Wavelength Colors Are Best For Helping You Focus

There are all sorts of colors within the color in the color spectrum. We can divide them into two categories based on the length of the color wave.

Long-wavelength colors like red, orange and yellow create a sense of arousal and an emotional rush, These colors are more associated with excitement and also negativity.

On the other hand, short wavelength colors like blue and green make people feel calm and relaxed. These colors are more natural to our eyes and hence the focus time increases when such light colors are present nearby.

If you want to get an LED light to enhance your focus and productivity, choose colors with a shorter wavelength like blue, green, or even purple.

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How Blue LED Light Color Increase Focus?

The color blue has the shortest wavelength among all other colors at 470 nanometers only. That’s the reason your eyes will react more naturally to blue light and there will be fewer distractions.

One of the biggest reasons why having a blue LED light at home can keep you focused longer is because blue reduces sleepiness and keeps your brain alert.

When blue light enters your eyes, it suppresses the release of melatonin and the sense of feeling sleepy or lazy instantly goes away. So, you can focus all your attention on whatever you are doing.

Moreover, blue light lowers your heart rate and keeps you calm!

How Green LED Light Color Increase Focus?

Green is the next to Blue in terms of wavelength. It has a 50-nanometer wavelength which is pretty close to blue. 

Green is known to help people adjust to new environments. So, if you are in a new home or traveling somewhere a green LED light will certainly help you cope with environmental changes and increase your focus.

The green color light also releases the hormone cortisol which increases alertness. One of the biggest reasons why green can help you focus is it keeps you calm and eliminates mood disturbances.

So, if you need to work on brain-intensive projects for a long continuous period, turning on a green color LED light is your best option. 

Buying An LED Light For Focus & Productivity

It’s unlikely you can find an LED light that emits only Blue or Green light.

The best way to enjoy blue or green light is to buy a smart LED light that has either RGB or RGBIC technology in it. 

With such a LED light, you can access millions of colors. You can use any hue of blue or green that you like.

You can use these lights for not just reading and focusing, but also for sleeping & relaxing.

Final Words

Use blue light when you need an intense focus, especially right after you wake up. You will quickly get rid of your laziness and become alert. Whereas, when you are working on a project and need to hold your attention longer, use green color LED light. 

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