Why Is My LED Light Remote Not Working And How To Solve It

Sometimes your LED Light Remote can unpair itself without any apparent reason, and then it just stops working. Although this is a common reason, it’s not the only one. 

So, troubleshooting the problems is very important before you want to solve them. Because that way you can pinpoint exactly where it has gone wrong and why your LED Light Remote not working. 


I will be sharing with you seven potential reasons that might be causing your remote to malfunction followed by a suitable solution for each. So, check each of them thoroughly and with a very little effort you can solve it all by yourselves.

7  Possible Reasons Why Led Light Remote Not Working And How You Can Solve It

1. The Remote Has Unpaired Itself

I have heard about the LED remote getting unpaired itself about a hundred times now. This is a fairly common problem and occurs due to the unstable pairing system of a remote control. 

So, it may unpair itself when the connection is loose or the battery level is low. But you may not understand it at first until you synchronize it with the LED strip. 

But once you have discovered it, it’s not a very tough job to solve it. Simply disconnect the power from the LED strip light and remove the battery from the remote. Now unplug the LED controller from both ends, wait for a few seconds and replug it again.

Now insert the batteries and power up the remote and then press “SPEED–” and “SPEED+” buttons, each for a few times. Keep doing that until the indicator matches with the pairing instructions in your manual. 

2. The LED Controller Needs Reprogramming

Sometimes the LED controller gets faulty and you might be thinking that your LED light remote has gone bad. This happens especially for the remotes that have many more keys and color options than the simpler ones. 

You can tell if you see that your remote is working just fine but it cannot command some of the right color on the remote. That’s when you know your LED controller needs reprogramming. 

If that’s the case, you should start by unplugging and replugging the LED controller. And then press on the RED color button. Your LED strip light is most likely showing the wrong colored light right now. 

Now press the “OFF” button followed by pressing the button “FADE 7”. You should find the button on the bottom right corner of the remote controller. Now press the “ON” button once again and then press the RED button again. 

Repeat this process until the color is syncing with the button on the remote. 

3. The Battery Is Dead

You never know for how long your LED light strip and its battery has been stored before you bought it. And neither do you know the lifespan of the installed battery. 

Batteries start to drain as soon as you break the plastic seal that is designed to save the electron from flowing out. And the batteries of LED light remotes are usually not sealed. 

To become sure that your battery is about to expire, check the indicator light on your remote. If it seems weaker than it usually is then you know it’s time to replace the battery with a new one. 

4. The Signal From The Remote Is Suffering From Interference

Except for only a few, most LED Light Strip comes with a remote that uses radio frequency (RF) waves to operate. This type of remote waves radio frequency from the remote to the receptor that’s built-in with the strip light.

So, check if there is any interference in the way of the remote indicator light and the receptor that’s blocking the remote signal. If there is anything that’s blocking the signal and stops the remote to work, then remove it.

5. The Remote Chip Is Broken

If you have checked everything by now and still can’t find any problem with the remote or the light itself then here’s another thing to check. 

Take the button pad off from the chip inside and look if it’s correctly connected or not. Check whether there’s any malfunction or breakage on the chip. If you find it broken 

then consider it bad luck.

In that case, to be precautious beforehand, I suggest you invest in a good quality LED Light Strip with Remote Control. It’s even better with a warranty. 

6. The Remote Is Clogged Up With Dirt

With use, dirt particles or debris may have clogged the remote chip. So, when you press the button it cannot trigger the chip points and make you think the remote is broken. 

To solve this problem open the chip up and carefully brush off the dirt from the chip.

7. The Remote Is Out Of The Recommended Range

Before buying any LED lights, you should always check the range of the remote control. 

If you do not check before buying and later on try to use the remote from a distance then you cannot blame the remote if it doesn’t work. 

You need to operate it from a distance within the range of your particular model. 

Final Words

These are the common seven reasons that cause a light remote to malfunction. Hopefully, you have got the reason why your LED light remote is not working properly by now. 

Let us know which one of these seven is giving you the hard time. Comment below if you need further information regarding this troubleshooting.

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